10 Afro-gospel songs you should know


You’ve heard of afrobeats, but have you ever heard of afro-gospel?

Afro-gospel is a genre of music that has grown in popularity over the past few years, pioneered by a group of out-of-this-world thinkers, Nigerian gospel artists seeking to express their Christian faith through music in a way which is unconventional. Combining the bouncy chords, feel-good melodies and familiar progressions of Afrobeats with uplifting, witty content, they have formed a genre of music that resonates deeply with the young African Christian.

This group of singers, songwriters and producers have carved out a niche for themselves that serves as an alternative to contemporary Christian music, trading the impassioned ballads suited to congregational worship for upbeat, studio-shaped vibes that could compete with the best productions from the best afrobeats artists in Africa. The genre has an alluring appeal, even attracting contributions from international gospel artists like Travis Green and Lecraewho delivered guests on the songs of Nigeria’s top Afro-gospel talents.

What is the difference between the afro-gospel and its secular counterpart? The contents. Unlike classic afrobeats, afro-gospel content is limited to conversations around the Christian faith as well as inspirational content, and the artists and their fans wouldn’t want it any other way. Below, you’ll see the genre’s growing pioneers who have been making Afro-gospel music for years, and you’ll also see some new faces who are giving the genre a new perspective and perspective. You’ll hear the favorite songs of passionate gospel afrobeats fans and get to know the artists who are key players in the scene.

However, this is a basic introduction to the world of Afro-gospel and is by no means exhaustive. There are so many dope artists making amazing Afro-gospel, and after listening to the tracks below, you’ll be familiar and prepared enough to start your foray into the world of Afro-gospel in earnest. Enjoy!

Limoblaze “Jireh (my provider)” feat. Lecrae & Happi

Limoblaze is a key player in the afro-gospel scene, and he’s had a whole year! The Nigerian singer has been making music for a while, after releasing his debut album Blind in 2016. However, 2022 saw the urban gospel artist in the spotlight in a major way, thanks in large part to the popularity of this single. Limoblaze is responsible for what is currently the most popular afro-gospel song right now, and it’s called “Jireh (My Provider)”.

The song is an afrobeats refix of the popular Maverick City Music song “Jireh” – this version features American gospel rapper Lecrae and British gospel talent Happi. Since its release, “Jireh” has graced multiple charts, including debuting at number 48 on Billboard’s American Afrobeats. Song Chart It currently has 3 million views on YouTube, giving the afro-gospel vanguard the biggest song of its career to date, and fans of afro-gospel gospel beats a vibrant jam and uplifting to vibrate.

Henrisoul “Blessed”

Henry Orjiplaying the role of Henrisoul, is another key figure in the afro-gospel scene. He has been making music since 2011 and during his career he has won several awards, collaborated with top gospel artists in Nigeria and more. “Blessed” is one of his recent offerings, and it’s a feel-good tune where the singer declares his, well, blessings. The single is from the singer’s 2021 album Flawlessand in the music video, you’ll see excerpts from Henrisoul’s wedding ceremony with his beautiful wife, a bonafide proof that the singer is truly blessed.

Ko’rale & GreatMan Takit “Commando”

nigerian singers Ko’rale and Big Man Takit have teamed up for this fun cut called “Commando”. The two gospel artists are both relatively new faces on the Afro-gospel scene, but you couldn’t tell just by listening to the song, because “Commando” is absolutely infectious. It’s an afrobeats song to sing about the greatness of God and his superiority over everything else. “Commando” came with a fun video, complete with infectious dance moves. We can’t get enough of “Commando”, so we hope to see more great tracks from Ko’rale and Greatman.

CalledOut Music “Hold On Me”

Samuel Nwachukwubetter known as Music Called Out is another early adopter of afro-gospel, releasing songs like “You’re Mine” around 2017. The British-Nigerian singer is a MOBO Award winner, and while he’s not limited to gospel afrobeats alone , he still deserves his blossoms as one of the first Nigerian artists to venture into the nascent genre. His latest Afro-gospel track is “Hold On Me,” a laid-back bop that sees CalledOut sing about God’s unrelenting love.

Marizu “Jejely”

Marizu is another constant name in the afro-gospel scene. His work rate is maximum as you will find the Nigerian gospel artist on a plethora of features as a guest artist on the songs of his peers. However, when Marizu releases a solo effort, he delivers just as well, and “Jejely” is another solid example. On “Jejely,” the singer uses popular Nigerian slang to affectionately describe the love of God.

Okey Sokay “Of course for me”

From his newly released album Declarationssinger, songwriter and producer Okey Sokay features this song titled “Sure for Me”. Okey Sokay is also not new to the gospel scene, having been signed to Nigerian gospel artist Tim Godfrey’s ROX Nation Empire label as an artist and producer. hitmaker arrives with a confident statement that “e safe for me”, backed by an addictive afrobeats instrumental.

Gil Joe & Nkay “Chains”


Gil Joe is another pioneer of the Afro-gospel movement in Nigeria. Gil Joe’s Career Really Kicked Off When He Signed With Top Nigerian Gospel Artist Franck Edwardfrom the Rocktown Records label in 2013, and he’s been a constant on the scene ever since. Our favorite Gil Joe record is this one titled “Shackles,” a lively afrobeats tune and a joint effort with a longtime collaborator N. Kayanother name worth mentioning when it comes to afrobeats gospel.

Da’TRUTH & Limoblaze “Sound of Victory” feat. Travis Green

Rapper Da ‘TRUTH and singer Limoblaze have joined forces for a joint project entitled Bridges, and that’s how this excellent track called “Sound of Victory” came out. “Sound of Victory” is a fusion of afrobeats and hip-hop where the verses of Limo and Truth exchange, accompanied by signature adlibs and a sharp verse from the American gospel singer Travis Green.

Limoblaze & Sam Rivera “Tonight”

Closing out this list is another solid piece from Limoblaze. It’s titled “Tonight,” and the song is part of his full 2021 project. God’s favorite baby. On “Tonight,” Limoblaze gets introspective and posts an honest retelling of times when his faith failed. One of our favorites from the singer’s fourth studio album, the song is a passionate and enjoyable listen that would make the perfect addition to your playlist.

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