10 Best WWE Attitude Era Entrance Theme Songs


The The Age of Attitudes, spanning the late 1990s to early 2000s, featured many interesting gimmicks and wrestlers describing those gimmicks. The theme songs created for these wrestlers were unique to each gimmick and made each wrestler stand out to the fans. These songs are remembered decades later for their sound and, in some cases, their lyrics.

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The composer of these songs, Jim Johnston, has gained some recognition for these themes among WWE fans, as his creativity and understanding of wrestling gimmicks have inspired some great music. There are many great entry themes from the Attitude era, as well as many classic ones.

ten On the edge – Edge

This song is fun to listen to for rock music fans. It suits Edge’s gimmick in his debut, a mysterious person living his life as a rebel. “On The Edge” added interesting audio to both the video fans saw of the entrance stage, as well as Edge entering through the crowd and dim lighting in the arena. .

“On The Edge” combines consistent lyrics with the gimmick, such as Edge’s famous catchphrase, “Think you know me?” and “You’re Lost, Afraid”, featuring electric guitar and drums. All in all, “On The Edge” was a good intro song for a wrestler who would become a legend years later.

9 Tear Down The Wall – Chris Jericho

“Break Down The Wall,” the theme song that accompanied Chris Jericho’s WWE debut, sounds like a classic rock song from drums and guitar alone. What sets it apart are the wrestling-style lyrics, such as “You are stopped and abandoned by the walls of Jericho”, which is the name of Jericho’s finishing move.

Another interesting aspect of the lyrics is that they tell the story of Jericho’s early career setbacks with the line “I woke up from a deep sleep, y’all are weak”, and how he got his start in WWE. to make an impact and prove his critics wrong. He did, winning many titles and becoming a legend.


8 Burnt – Kane

“Burned” has no lyrics, but none are needed. This song very much defines Kane’s thing at the time, with the drums and guitars sounding like an emotionally scarred person who has been traumatized. WWE first told the story of Kane as a child who suffered facial burns from a fire, so the sounds of “Burned” make sense for that.

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The added sound effect at the start of an explosion adds to the eerie and ominous vibe of this song, making it even more fun to listen to.

seven Blood – The Brood

Gangrel, Edge, and Christian entered the arena for RAW on this song during their time as a faction. For the vampire gimmick, these three characters, “Blood” is a catchy song. Even after Gangrel became a singles wrestler, this song stuck, and for good reason. There are some lyrics with unintelligible words to begin with, followed by creepy background music.

The drums that accompanied the music added to the mood and made for a great song for an underrated wrestler in Gangrel.

6 Know Your Role – The Rock

A song named after one of The Rock’s many catchphrases, “Know Your Role” features The Rock’s vocals saying that catchphrase throughout. This song mixes The Rock’s voice with good drums and an electric guitar hanging in the background.

“Know Your Role” is a great song and an interesting way for The Rock to say he was the best guy in WWE at the time, which is both debatable and somewhat true.

5 Medal – Kurt Angle

“Medal” is a patriotic song, and it’s synonymous with Kurt Angle, both during the Attitude era and decades later. The background music gives off a vibe of heroism and hard work, which Angle is known for. The drums complement the heroic music and make Medal flow very well.

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Although Kurt worked for most of the Attitude era, this song was fitting for his personality and made his promos even more fun to boo.

4 Plague of Evil – Undertaker

This song was Undertaker’s demented theme during his Dark Lord gimmick. The opening lyrics are difficult to interpret, but the drums, guitars and music make up for that. The sound effect of thunder and lightning adds to “Plague Of Evil” and really defines the character through the song.

The gong that the Undertaker gimmick is known for can also be heard in this song, which adds an aspect of continuity and makes a good song even better.

3 Break It Down – D-Generation X

The lyrics to Break It Down capture the vibe of the DX gimmick very well, detailing how Triple H and Shawn Michaels were anti-authority at the time and did what they wanted despite the rules. Artist Chris Warren’s drums, guitars and vocals combine for an entertaining song with a unique story.

For the time, “Break It Down” was the anthem of the Attitude Era mindset. For WWE fans young and old, this song is a classic.

2 My Time – Triple H

This song was Triple H’s theme when he became an emerging main event wrestler. This version again included lyrics by Chris Warren and told Triple H’s story of how his time had come to be a top guy. Drums and guitars add to the intensity of Triple H in his entrance and matches.

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When that song played, along with Triple H’s facial expression and body language, fans knew Triple H meant business.

1 We Go Down – The Dudley Boyz

This song has lyrics about Bubba Ray and D-Von getting their tables and putting their opponents through them. He defines the Dudleys’ tag team wrestling style of brawling and aggression.

When “We’re Coming Down” played The Dudley Boyz in the ring, fans knew Bubba Ray and D-Von were about to get hurt in the ring. The drums and guitar added to the intense vibe and sent the intended message the Dudley Boyz were ready to fight.


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