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Alex Hasenkamp, ​​Director of Arts and Entertainment

Fall officially begins in a few weeks, but companies are already launching pumpkin spice products left and right. The leaves will begin to change color and the daylight will soon run out.

If you’re someone who wants to get into the fall spirit despite the warm weather, here are some enjoyable song recommendations.

1. Feist’s “Mushaboom”

“Mushaboom” is a relaxing tune created by indie-pop singer Leslie Feist. It’sdefinitely a crowd pleaser with its calm acoustic guitar and a good rhythm to shake your head.

2. “Woodland” by The Paper Kites

Everything about “Woodland” screams autumn, from the lyrics to the album cover, which features a fairytale forest with orange leaves scattered among the trees. “Woodland” seems to be playing at the end of a cheesy but heartwarming coming-of-age movie.

3. “Someone New” by Hozier

Virtually any Hozier song could fit the theme of this playlist; however, “Someone New” is a bit more uplifting than the rest. His 2014 album, as incredible as it is, might make you cry a little.

4. Houndmouth’s “Sedona”

Houndmouth, an alternative blues band, sounds similar to The Lumineers, if you’re familiar. “Sedona” is pleasant to walk through and may inspire you to get out and enjoy nature.

5. ‘Sometimes Always’ by The Jesus and Mary Chain

Despite the name of the group, it is not a Christian musical group. According to Spotify, The Jesus and Mary Chain is a Scottish alternative rock band. “Sometimes, Always” is one of their most relaxing songs.

6. “Valentine’s Day” by Gregory Alan Isakov

“Saint Valentine” may make you feel a little melancholy due to its lyrics of lost love and the singer’s broken voice, but it’s totally worth it.

7. ‘Ivy & Gold’ by Bombay Bicycle Club

“Ivy & Gold” has a nice, spunky guitar and some funky drums and cymbals to back it up. It’s definitely upbeat and hopefully puts a smile on your face.

8. ‘Meet Me in the Woods’ by Lord Huron

If you’re a Hozier fan, you’ll definitely be a “Meet Me in the Woods” fan. With an enchanting intro and words of adventure, it’s perfect for fall.

9. ‘Rhiannon’ by Fleetwood Mac

“Rhiannon” is a classic song about a woman that is coveted by many. You can never go wrong with a small Fleetwood Mac.

10. “Return to Home” by Simon & Garfunkel

Dynamic duo Simon & Garfunkel sing of home, a safe place where they are known and loved and where their loved one awaits their return. “Homeward Bound” is a bittersweet song that might make you feel a little homesick.

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