25 Religious Christmas Carols: Traditional Christian Holiday Music


The Christmas season draws closer and closer, and this special time of year brings with it an influx of mouth-watering meals, heartfelt gifts, and festive, feel-good music. And speaking of that seasonal music, we’ve put together a list of 25 of the best christmas religious songs!

Whether you’re turning on the radio, curating a Spotify playlist, or strolling through a mall or restaurant, jolly holly jams seem to be spreading Christmas cheer everywhere. While some of the holiday tunes reference Old Saint Nick, his team of reindeer and the beautiful snowflakes falling outside, others go much further by focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.

Between lyrics about the birth of baby Lord Jesus in a manger, wondering if Mary really understood how miraculous and heartbreaking the birth and life of her son-Savior would be, praising God like angels did before birth of Christ, these religious Christmas carols and Christmas hymns remind listeners of the true reason for the season!

So press play and get into the Christmas spirit with this selection of Christmas carols!

25 religious Christmas songs

1. “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” by Anna Madsen

A serious tune that anticipates the coming of Jesus Christ, Anna Madsen sings this inspired Advent request in a haunting way.

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2. “Little Drummer Boy” by Jennifer Nettles with Idina Menzel

Jennifer Nettles and Idina Menzel pa-rum-pum-pum-puMaster this fictional story of a boy who arrived, empty-handed except for his drum, to visit the nursery.

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3. “O Holy Night” by Ellie Goulding

“A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoice” is a well-known and uplifting lyric to this traditional Christmas song that reminds listeners of the redemption that comes from the birth of the Saviour.

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4. “Away in a Manger” by Lauren Daigle

“Away in a Manger” not only shows the humility of Jesus coming into the world as a baby, but also being born into less than ideal circumstances – sharing space with animals in a stable.

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5. “Joy To the World” by for KING & COUNTRY

This upbeat hymn celebrates the joy and love God has brought to the world now that “the Lord has come”, explaining that all we have to do is “receive [our] King!”

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6. “O Little Town of Bethlehem” by JJ Heller

Written in 1868, this hymn describes how not just the city where Jesus was born, but the whole earth, was positively changed by his coming.

7. “He Came on a Midnight Clear” by Josh Groban

Josh Groban’s classic vocal style pairs perfectly with this traditional Christmas carol, which focuses on the part of the Christmas story when the angels descended, singing praises to God.

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8. “The Angels We Heard From Above” by Sarah Reeves

The well-known line “Gloria, in excelsis Deo” from this traditional French hymn means “Glory to God from above”.

9. “The Prayer” by Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant

Originally posted on Camelot Quest soundtrack in 1998 (winning a Golden Globe), “The Prayer” has been covered by Christian artists, especially for the holidays, thanks to its classic sound and spiritual lyrics that ask for guidance, grace and protection.

10. “O Come, All Ye Faithful” by Britt Nicole

Britt Nicole brings a modern twist to this long-established Christmas carol about traveling to Bethlehem to recognize and worship Jesus.

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11. “Merry, Merry, We Love You” by Carrie Underwood

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Henry van Dyke originally wrote these lyrics in 1907 as a poem called “Hymn of Joy”, and with lyrics from Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, the song was widely known by its first line : “Happy, happy, we adore you.”

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12. “Silent Night” by Kelly Clarkson with Trisha Yearwood and Reba McEntire

With lyrics describing the quiet, peaceful evening of Christ’s birth, listeners can revere the truly sacred setting of the Christmas story.

13. “Do You Hear What I Hear” by Tori Kelly

A beautiful imagination of the night wind, a little lamb, a young shepherd, a mighty king, and then finally people everywhere, acknowledging the miracle of a child born to “bring us goodness and light.”

14. “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” by Mariah Carey

This truly timeless hymn was written in 1739 and successfully encapsulates the outcome of Jesus’ coming into the world with the words, “God and sinners reconciled.”

15. “The First Christmas” by Brett Eldredge

“The First Noel” describes the experience and anticipation felt by the shepherds and the Magi on the night of Jesus’ birth.

16. God Rest You Merry Gentlemen by MercyMe

This famous and comforting Christmas carol encourages believers by reminding them not to be discouraged! After all, “For Jesus Christ our Savior / Was born on Christmas Day / To save us all from the power of Satan / When we strayed.”

17. “Which child is this?” by Tommee Profitt ft. April Lavigne

This new rendition of “What Child Is This?” gives off a dreamy, introspective vibe thanks in part to Avril Lavigne’s soothing vocals on lyrics such as “This is Christ the King, whom the shepherds guard and the angels sing.”

18. “Go Say It On The Mountain” by CeCe Winans

CeCe Winan’s powerful performance personifies the instructive nature of these lyrics, boldly and beautifully declaring that “Jesus Christ is born!”

19. “A Christmas Alleluia” by Chris Tomlin ft. Lauren Daigle and Leslie Jordan

Released in 2015, this modern Christmas track calls on listeners to really celebrate the significance of the holiday, as “Hallelujah” is an exclamation meaning “Praise God!”

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20. “Mary, did you know?” by Mary J. Blige

While this Christmas song is addressed to Mary, the mother of Jesus, it not only refers to the miraculous birth that took place and how “the child you have brought into the world will soon deliver you”, but it makes also reference to the many signs and wonders throughout Jesus’ adult ministry such as walking on water, giving sight to a blind man, etc.

21. “I wonder while wandering” by Audrey Assad

This contemplative holiday hymn continually repeats the personal reflection on the extraordinary that Jesus came to die for all and to save everyone. Audrey Assad’s pensive voice captures pensive wonder perfectly!

22. “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” by Frank Sinatra

Originally titled “Christmas Bells”, this poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow tells how the hatred in the world seems to mock the message of peace on earth, goodwill towards men, and yet how the Christmas bells go on to bring with them a renewed and established meaning. peace and ultimate hope that prevails against hatred.

23. “Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song)” by Jessica Simpson

Originally published in 1992 by Amy Grant, “Breath of Heaven” is told from Mary’s perspective as she feels overwhelmed by her given role of being the mother of Jesus, but ultimately relies on his firm faith and confidence in God’s plan and provision. to comfort her.

24. “Who would imagine a king?” by Whitney Houston

Part of The preacher’s wife‘s, it’s another Christmas song from Mary’s point of view. In the lyrics, Mary reflects on how all parents wonder who their children will be, knowing that she is in the unique position of having a Son who is King of the world.

25. “Ave Maria” by Michael Bublé

A Catholic prayer written and sung in Latin, “Ave Maria” translated is addressed to Mary (the “Hail Mary”), saying how blessed she is and how the fruit of her womb is also blessed.

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