5 Gabby Barrett Songs That Prove She’s A Rising Superstar


Gabby Barrette stunned audiences with her soaring voice in season 16 of american idol in 2018, and after finishing third on the show, his star kept rising. Shortly after her time on the show, she independently released “I Hope”, a song that would become her first big hit. As the song began to make waves, Barrett was noticed by record labels and she signed a deal with Warner Music. Nashville in 2019. Since then, she has released several radio hits and become one of country music’s top new female artists. Barrett has also been busy in her personal life, marrying a fellow Idol candidate Cade Foehner in October 2019 and welcoming the arrival of their first child, Baylah, in January 2021. The couple are currently expecting a second child – a boy. Although Barrett has plenty more hit songs on the horizon, here are 5 of his best songs to date.

5. “Got Me” featuring Shane & Shane

Barrett has often been open about her Christian faith, and she put her beliefs to song in “Got Me,” featuring Shane & Shane, from her debut album, Gold mine. It’s a worship song in which she sings about her belief in God and her love for her. She sings of the security she feels knowing he won’t leave her. “Nothing can separate me from amazing grace / Jesus, you’re all I need / If it all falls apart / And I don’t know where to start / You bring me back to my knees,” she sings. The song features a sweet melody and somewhat jazzy beat as it begins the song alone. Shane & Shane then join the harmony in the second choir and the orchestral strings are incorporated into the production mix. In the bridge, Barrett sings part of the hymn, “Give Me Jesus”, to drive home the message of the tune.

4. “Footprints on the Moon”

For his third single from his debut album, Gold mine, Barrett released a pep song for all the dreamers out there. The tune, “Footprints on the Moon,” details a youngster’s journey in pursuit of his dreams. The tune touches on the difficulties that may arise, the desire to quit, and the words of the naysayers, but ultimately it serves to encourage listeners to continue to persevere on their path. The song, again, uses booming country instrumentation which certainly drives home the song’s message.

3. “Take Me Back”

In this sweet love song, Barrett talks about turning to your loved one to forget life’s struggles. In the verse, she sings about a bad day and asks her partner to pick her up and get her out of her troubles. This song features a more country sound than her previous crossover singles. With country instrumentation, including powerful guitars and banjo, and Barrett’s sweet vocals, it makes for a romantic love song ready for any summer night. “You’ll be by my side, it’ll be alright / Make the world black, how you do me like that / When I get in your truck, come get me,” she sings.

2. “The good ones”

For her second single, Barrett continued her hit streak with a committed love song titled “The Good Ones.” In this tune, Barrett talks about the perfect man: a man who is “one of the good ones”. Throughout the song, she sings about the characteristics that make a man “good” (“It’s a phone call to her parents / It’s a Bible by the bed”). As she continues to sing, she reveals that her man is one of those “good guys.” Although it is a heartfelt love song, the melody is equally suitable for radio with its fast pace and Barrett’s soaring voice. “The Good Ones” topped the Country charts and landed in the Top 20 on the Adult Contemporary and Hot 100 charts.

1. “I hope”

After his passage on american idol, Gabby Barrett debuted on the country music scene with a fierce revenge song, “I Hope.” In this song, Barrett sings from the perspective of a woman who has been cheated on by her boyfriend, and she’s not so secretly hoping that he’ll taste his own medicine in his next relationship. At the start of the song, Barrett hopes her ex finds someone and falls in love, and although it seems like she’s just wishing him well, everything changes in the chorus. “I hope she comes and ruins your every plan / I hope you spend your last penny to put a stone on her hand / I hope she’s wilder than your wildest dreams / She’s everything what you’ll need / And then I hope she cheats like you did to me,” she sings. “I Hope” was a global hit for Barrett, landing at No. 1 on the country charts, among others. She also recorded a pop remix with Charlie Puth which topped the Top 40 charts and landed at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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