Accepted into the internal audit training program

UTRGV’s Robert C. Vackar College of Business and Entrepreneurship has been accepted into the Internal Audit Education Partnership Program (IAEP) as the IAEP Internal Audit Core Program. (Photo on file UTRGV by Paul Chouy)
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By Amanda L. Alaniz

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EDINBURGH, TEXAS – UTRGV Robert C. Vackar College of Business and Entrepreneurship was accepted into the Internal Audit Education Partnership Program (IAEP) as IAEP’s core internal audit program.

IAEP Program Schools Logo (Image provided by: IAEP)

IAEP Program Schools are colleges and universities that teach an internal audit program as part of a government-approved degree program. Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). Schools must go through an application process, and the quality of offers is checked by The IIA and volunteers.

Dr. Giorgio Gotti, professor and president of the UTRGV School of Accountancy, had experience with the program and saw how valuable it would be for students and the university.

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Gotti, along with School of Accountancy I lecturer Delia Sanchez, MAcc, and School of Accountancy Associate Director and Associate Professor Dr. Christian Sobngwi, teamed up to contact the IIA San Antonio Chapter to inquire about applying to the San Antonio Chapter Partnership Program. There is no Chapter IIA in the Rio Grande Valley.

“Acceptance basically means that we have a solid, robust set of courses that give students a solid understanding of internal auditing,” Gotti said. “The Internal Audit Institute gives this seal of approval, seal of quality to our program because they believe the program lives up to the level of quality they expect.”

The School of Accountancy has been accepted at the Foundation level of the program, the first stage of the partnership, with the possibility of progressing to a full internal audit program and a center of excellence in internal auditing over the years.

This start of the core curriculum will allow UTRGV RCVCoBE School of Accountancy to keep pace while enhancing its IAEP curriculum.

Being recognized by the IAEP can potentially bring additional resources to the university and help accounting students find internships and job opportunities in the field of internal auditing, as the implementation progresses. program work.

Sobngwi said they will focus on the quality of their educational programs, so that students can be well prepared.

“By giving students the opportunity to have access to internal auditors, we are telling our students that beyond the tax auditing and accounting industry, there is something else you can do,” he said. he declares. “It’s a very interesting program. This could lead to the possibility of having an interdisciplinary approach in the way we design our programs. We want our students to be able to compete with everyone. »

Gotti said there will be a student association dedicated to internal auditing, with students able to network, connect and benefit from internal auditors, internships and experiential learning.

Sobngwi noted that with internal audit, there are no overall differences in terms of processes and procedures. If UTRGV became a center of excellence in internal auditing, for example, it would give the university the opportunity to educate all of South Texas and parts of Mexico, he said.

“We look forward to becoming that center of excellence in this area. It would provide more educational opportunities for a wider range of people,” he said.

Sanchez will be the IAEP coordinator for UTRGV and the contact person for all aspects of the program. Gotti and Sobngwi said they looked forward to the benefits for students at UTRGV and beyond.

“The opportunity here is to fulfill part of the mission of the school and the college, which is to help develop the economy in the Rio Grande Valley,” Gotti said. “I think one of the possible outcomes will be to help the valley have enough internal auditors, so that internal auditors don’t need to go to a chapter somewhere else. They can stay and meet here. They can develop this area of ​​expertise in their own community.

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