Alberts: Public education under attack | Comment


The Rutland Herald Friday, September 23 editorial is excellent. For those who may have missed it, it describes coordinated and growing attempts by the right to censor material the right dislikes, primarily books about minorities, especially blacks and women. LGBTQ community. He also mentioned that a complaint about schoolbooks in Canaan was one of the few such censorship attempts in Vermont. I can say from personal experience that this is not something new; it’s just grown and intensified with the ascendant or the far right.

I used to teach World Literature at Canaan in the 90s and was considered by students to be quite good at it. My approach was to start from the first forms of literature and compare them. Naturally, the earliest forms were passed down orally by those trying to explain their world to their people and eventually written down. This includes the Bible for which I used the creation story and the flood story and compared them to similar stories of indigenous peoples of North and South America and ancient cultures of the Middle and East. ‘Far East. This approach was based on my university program in world literature. I was very careful not to highlight any version of creation or a devastating flood as the correct one.


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