An unborn child “is actually a life”


Lighthouse Christian Church pastor Steve Reyes has long been prepared to see the US abortion rights law struck down.

But he doesn’t want to fight about it or exchange harsh words. He just knows what he and his church believe, and he’s willing to share his thoughts, but in a civil conversation.

And in a nutshell, Reyes is thrilled with what appears to be the end of what he calls “a pretty barbaric season in United States history.”

“A baby in the womb is a human life,” said Reyes, who oversees four church campuses in conjunction with the Assemblies of God. “It’s been pretty dark to see what for us, a lot of babies are being killed.”

Not only Roe v. Wade was “bad law,” he said, but it imposed a universal vision on states with contrary views and on tens of millions of people in America for whom an unborn child is “actually a life; it’s not fabric.

The High Court’s decision would give states the ability to enact legislation “in harmony with their constituents”.

Reyes, whose church has two campuses in Sonoma, one in Santa Rosa and one in Guerneville, also wants to correct the common view that those who are “pro-life” stop caring after birth, calling those who utter such statements “unread” and “ignorant.”

Believers have founded many orphanages and homes to help young mothers and children over the years, and in their own congregations they have taken in young couples struggling with unexpected pregnancies and new babies, both materially and thanks to the support and wisdom of their members.

“I’ve had a hundred of these stories,” he said.

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