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Are you looking for motivation to help you start another week of work? We can smell you, and with some stellar new pop tracks, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists like Aurora, Sebastián Yatra, Ryland James and Michelle will give you energy to face the week. Insert one of these gems into your personal playlists – or scroll to the end of the post for a personalized playlist of 10.

Aurora, “A Dangerous Thing”

The latest preview of Aurora’s new album The gods we can touch, released on January 21, allows the Norwegian pop star to reflect on the gray areas between beauty and violence while using her full range, sliding into dizzying notes and delivering other lines as hushed warnings. Both intimate and universal, “A Dangerous Thing” sounds like a bridge to even more listeners for the multitalented singer-songwriter. – Jason Lipshutz

Michelle, “Expiration Date”

On “Expiration Date” New York band Michelle understand that a recent breakup was for the best – “It’s okay / I know I’ll find you another” – but still revel in the current pain. not having anyone to text, and finding the bed too big without anyone sharing it. Before the new album After dinner we talk about dreams and tour dates in support of Mitski, the pop-R & B collective released one of their most touching and immediate songs to date. – Lipshutz

Ryland James, “I give my all”

Ryland James’ new single takes a little while to heat up, but when the hook comes in, the rising Canadian artist leans in fully, her voice contorting into a raw confession as the drums pick up the pace. “I give everything” comes from an exhausted point of view but never seems strained; James does a good job of conveying his emotion without succumbing to it. – Lipshutz

Ylona Garcia, “Entertain me”

At 19, Australian-Filipino singer-songwriter Ylona Garcia wields impressive mastery over “Entertain Me,” rejecting any idea of ​​being cataloged and demonstrating her vocal strength as futuristic synth-pop production ramps up . Garcia packs a ton of flair and personality into three minutes here, and the result is a new playlist gem. – Lipshutz

Montell Fish, “and I would do a thousand miles”

The 22-year-old, Pittsburgh-based Christian music artist has 3.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and his latest single demonstrates why. The alternative and the lo-fi ‘and I would go a thousand miles’ – which features nothing more than a simple strummed guitar and the voice that echoes Fish – might as well be finding love as faith, and it is Fish’s ability to explore those in between that makes his music so intriguing. – Lyndsey Havens

Sebastián Yatra, “Amor Pasajero”

Fresh out of a card hit thanks to the Encanto soundtrack (the current Billboard 200 No. 1 album), Colombian singer-songwriter Sebastián Yatra continues his momentum with his solo single “Amor Pasajero”. The latest single in its catalog is full of sultry swagger, providing some much-needed warmth during these winter months. – paradises

Menna, “Smoke Signals”

Nashville-based independent artist Menna is causing a stir with his uptempo dance-pop single “Smoke Signals”, on which her vocals oscillate to a slinky, multi-layered beat that transforms into a lush arrangement and culminates with a KO note at 2:35 points. And as Menna repeats, “What must I do to invade your mind? The answer could be simple: play this song. – paradises

Tokyo revenge, “In the middle”

Even if you weren’t a fan of Tokyo’s Revenge TikTok viral hit “GoodMorningTokyo!” (he wasn’t himself, telling XXL it was “garbage”), it’s hard not to be stunned by his new single “In the Middle”. As an Eastern European violin riff recalls Transylvania, Tokyo’s Revenge embarks on a wild and breathless rant that names the touchstones of horror Jason Voorhees, Norman Bates and, uh, Malcolm In the Middle. Fittingly, it ends with an audio clip of Night of the Living Dead – just like this DIY cinematic gem, “In the Middle” is a bit rough around the edges but boasts the energy, panache and fiery creativity of a talent that has only just begun. – Joe lynch

MARINA, “Rose Cabriolet”

Marina delighted her fans when she announced a deluxe edition of her fifth album, Old dreams in a modern country, with five new gems (including two demos). Among the new set, “Pink Convertible” is the most appropriate for modern times, telling the story of our burning planet and how humans desperately try to ignore the world’s problems in search of happiness. – Starr Bowenbank

Weekly, “call”

After a solid 2021 year with the K-pop hits “After School” and “Tag Me (@Me)”, Weekly is back in 2022 with “call” – a cover of “Every Night” by EXID – and a new atmosphere to match. Instead of the girl group’s usual bubblegum pop melodies, they go for a more mature route and experiment with acoustic guitar sounds and a 70s-inspired bass, a possible teaser of what we might expect from a feature film. – Bowenbank


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