Berkeley County School Board: Christian Waskow |


Christian Wasko

44 years of Inwood

Occupation: telecommunications specialist

Married children: Married/six children

How long have you lived in the area: Fourteen years old

Relevant experience serving the community: I volunteered with a church ministry in the area that provides meals to those in need.

Campaign website:

Why are you running for election: I’m running because our constitutional freedoms are under threat and there’s too much government excess. Our school system needs serious help.

Identify the most pressing issues related to the position you are seeking and how you would address them: Shortage of teachers, shortage of bus drivers, shortage/quality of school meals and student safety. I plan to work with our state legislature to improve the salaries of our teachers. I would also like to talk about the work environment. There must be accountability for students who cause problems for our teachers in the classroom. Our teachers must be able to control their class. Our bus drivers need to be paid more and should have full control of the school bus. This includes issuing our suspensions for students who break the rules on the bus. School meals need to be better. A different supplier should be chosen to meet nutritional needs and taste good for students. No rotten, moldy or expired food should be served.

What makes you best placed to serve your constituents: I am a servant. I served eight years in the US Air Force and am currently in the federal government. I also believe that our elected officials should be held accountable to the people who elect them.

What makes you different from other candidates: During my time in the Air Force, I was assigned to presidential duties for four years. During this mission, the mission could not fail. I learned from this assignment to look at issues with a positive attitude when others would say it can’t be done.

How do you plan to work with people who have different points of view than yours: I learned during my time in the Air Force and in my current job to work with people with different points of view. Sometimes, if people listen to the different points of view, sometimes a better idea emerges.


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