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Editor’s note: The following is the latest local candidate announcement for the November general election. Candidate Q&As will appear in a future issue.

My name is Chris Wiener, and in my own way, I am fighting for America’s future by running for our school board.

We fight for the pursuit of the American dream. We need to ensure that our children grow up in a country that truly values ​​diversity of ideas and not uniformity of ideas.

I promise that I will do everything in my power as a school board member to restore education to the highest principles that made America.

I believe in community. Communing with people is the way to develop community. Commune as a noun means “a group of people living together and sharing goods and responsibilities”. If we don’t communicate with each other, we don’t build community.

One of America’s greatest traits is unity, not uniformity. In fact, this idea is inscribed on our Great Seal – e pluribus Unum – “of many, one”. The other side of the seal – Annuit Cœptis – “He approves of all things”.

Psalm 133:1 – “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” There is nothing worse than being surrounded by people where suspicion, accusation and factionalism prevail. Unity is not a matter of uniformity, agreement on everything or resemblance. Unity is when people of diverse backgrounds, opinions, and gifts come together in community.

Uniformity, on the other hand, takes this idea of ​​unity of spirit to the extreme. Uniformity would require everyone to agree on everything, eliminates individuality and undermines unity by diminishing the power of diversity. I know which system I would prefer to live in.

I believe that the sole purpose of school is to create learned citizens by equipping students with knowledge and skills. Knowledge in the form of facts and information (ideas might be a better word) and skills in how to analyze, interpret, synthesize and process facts and ideas.

By the time of graduation, a student should be an informed citizen, knowing clearly what a citizen is, understanding the rights and privileges of being a citizen, and especially the obligations attached to citizenship. And just as important, they must be fully prepared to take up the proverbial cross and carry it. Remember that parents teach morals.

Every student should learn a professional skill to have something that, no matter what happens in the world, will always have the opportunity to work. They should participate in team activities (sports, drama, band, choir) so they learn the importance of being part of something bigger than yourself and what their role is on the team.

They must learn to debate with each other in an orderly fashion so that they can learn to disagree and remain friends and develop the practice of distinguishing opinion from factual statements.

School should prepare children for adulthood and equip them with the skills to navigate life. They should learn to balance a checkbook, speak with authority, read great books, and blend these ideas into a worldview that promotes service to others before they serve themselves.

Teachers play an essential role in this process called education; however, they are not the parent, and they should never attempt to supplant the parent’s role as the ultimate educator of their child. Bypassing the role of parents damages the family structure in ways we cannot imagine. Teachers should strengthen the family by encouraging children to talk to parents rather than keep secrets.

Just because society says something is allowed doesn’t mean it is. I believe that bestiality, necrophilia, adult-minor attraction and theft are sins and crimes. I do not support grooming children in any way that attempts to normalize aberrant or otherwise destructive behavior.

None of us are guaranteed a fair outcome, but we are all guaranteed a level playing field. If we want it, we work on it – if we want to be united, we have to work on it as a community.

I am your Christian Constitutional Conservative candidate; my name is Chris Wiener and I am a candidate for your school board. I ask you to consider voting for me and join me in making positive changes for the future of our children.


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