Christian church compared to sinking Titanic in provocative new book


Former Magalia resident Warren B. Smith, who moved with his wife Joy to Fortine, MT, was deeply involved in the New Age movement until his Christian conversion, which he wrote about in “The Light That” Was Dark: From The New Age To Amazing Grace ”, first published in 1992.

Another, more recent convert, Doreen Virtue, notes that her parents lived in Magalia and that Smith’s book “provided striking comparisons between what Scripture says and what” A Course in Miracles “says,” showing ” that “course” is the opposite of the Bible! “His story is told in” Deceived No More: How Jesus Led Me Out Of The New Age And Into His Word “, published in 2020 by Thomas Nelson.

Now, in a provocative new book, Smith writes that New Age themes have infiltrated the church. He likens the situation to the most famous “unsinkable” ship: “Many in the professing church today,” he says, “don’t know that they are also on a sinking ship heading for the sea. destruction ”.

“The Titanic And Today’s Church: A Tale Of Two Shipwrecks” ($ 14.95 in Mountain Stream Press paperback,; also for Amazon Kindle) draws an analogy between the tragic sinking in 1912 of the HMS Titanic and the position of many “indiscriminate church leaders. Both, he writes, are beset with” design flaws, tragic oversights, false confidence, complacency, pride, greed, denial, ignored warnings, mixed messages and lack of preparation ”.

Each of the twelve chapters begins with a part of the history of the Titanic, then compares it to the contemporary church. In “A Little Leaven”, Smith notes that modern research has not found a giant gash but rather, to quote the New York Times, “a series of six thin openings through the starboard hull of the Titanic”.

Likewise, he says, a “little teaching – a little leaven (heretic)”, the idea of ​​”God within”, that God is “in” everything, is knowingly or unknowingly propagated by Oprah, Rick Warren , Henri Nouwen and many others, wrecking the biblical faith. “God is the creator,” writes Smith, “and he is distinct and separate from his creation. He is not “in” everyone and everything. The gospel lifeboat, he adds, is faith in Jesus Christ.

The book will initiate many discussions.

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