EAA 1494 Awards Four Breakfast Scholarships | Education


During the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1494 Monthly Breakfast, four pilots received scholarships to further their education.

Yevdokiya Glushchenko, a 16-year-old student at River’s Edge Christian Academy in Knoxville, is the 2022 Ray Scholar nominee. The Ray Scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship funded by the James Ray Foundation and administered by the national organization EAA and our chapter.

“I plan to continue my ground training,” Yevdokiya said. “I hope to be a professional pilot one day. (The scholarship) will ease all the pressure of having to work, instead focusing my time on my flight training.

Tyler Lane, 22, who serves in the Army National Guard, receives the top award for the new Chapter 1494 Veterans Scholarship and the Captain Theodore E. Kryder Memorial Scholarship.

“I’m a medic on the civilian side and the Army National Guard on the other side,” Tyler said. “I’m going to use the veterans scholarship to get my private pilot license. I will use the GI Bill to further my career in aviation to obtain my instrument rating and commercial license.

William (Liam) Postlewaite, a 16-year-old sophomore at Seymour High School in Sevier County, received a Chapter 1494 scholarship.

“I feel honored to get a scholarship,” Liam said. “I know there are other choices. It’ll help me get through my private parts. I hope army soldiers go through flight school and hopefully after this commercial.

Abi Paschal, a 17-year-old junior from Jefferson County High School, is the section’s first Dr. Bill Black Memorial Scholarship recipient. This scholarship was established last fall by JB, Janet, and Nancy Marshall in memory of Black.

“I’m really grateful for the scholarship,” Abi said. “Hopefully he can get me to my first solo flight. I can focus more on my flying and get my private. I want to focus on commercial flying.

In addition to donations received at EAA’s monthly airport breakfasts, several chapter members and local businesses have contributed to the flight scholarship program, including SEI Construction, which funded a full $3,000 scholarship. $.

EAA Chapter 1494 is a local chapter operating under the national organization of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

The group is made up of a wide variety of aviation enthusiasts. One of the goals of our chapter is to promote and encourage young people to experience flying through the EAA’s Young Eagles program. Another is to encourage and empower youths and young adults to pursue flight training, ideally by earning their private pilot license.

This scholarship program was created to help young and young veterans earn their private pilot license through flight training at Morristown Regional Airport. For more information, contact President Karen Hughes-Collins at 865-274-2788.

Updates on past scholarship recipients

• Ray Aviation Scholar Samuel Posth completed his solo flight on January 15 and passed his written exam on March 25.

• Ray Aviation Scholar Neva Poling obtained his private pilot license on November 19, 2021.

• Chris Best flew solo on September 13, 2021.

• Isaiah Linkous and Nick Campolo obtained their private pilot license. Linkous got his license on June 6, 2021 and Campolo got his license on October 27, 2021.

• Ben Green, winner of the Captain Ted Kryder Advanced Scholarship, flew his first young eagle on August 27, 2021.

• Kyra Bowers – National EAA Fellowship Award – On her way to solo flight

• Benjamin Green obtained his private pilot license in 2021.

• Danielle Davis passed her written exams and is now on the 99s scholarship.

• Ray Aviation Scholar Adam Gillespie obtained his private pilot license in 2020.

• Connor Frasure obtained his private pilot license in 2020.

• Jim Potts obtained his private pilot license in 2020.

• Dakota Robbins obtained his private pilot license in 2020. He participates in the Pro Pilot program at Middle Tennessee State University.

• Elijah Cantin obtained his private pilot license in 2021.

• Aiden Price obtained his private pilot license in 2020. He is part of the MTSU Pro Pilot program.

• Tommy Cobble received his CFI/Commercial/Instrument certification through the MTSU Pro Pilot program.

• Jimmy Albert obtained his private pilot’s licence. He is a senior at the University of Tennessee and is pursuing a degree in civil engineering.

• Abbey Mantooth made its first solo flight. She attends MTSU on an ROTC scholarship.

• Andrew Dutzy is a commercial pilot who flies jets in Arizona.


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