Education official demands report from Bengaluru school after right-wing group accuses institution of forcing Bible on students


Bengaluru: After the hijab in the classrooms of Karnataka, a new controversy threatens school education in the state. This time, a right-wing group objected to a school taking a pledge from parents that they would not object to their wards bringing the Bible to class.

A Hindu state spokesman Janajagruti Samiti claimed that the school had made it mandatory for non-Christian students to carry and read the Bible. It violated Articles 25 and 30 of the Constitution, he said.

Following the allegations, the block’s education officer visited the school to provide an update on the situation. “I came here to get a report from the school authority,” he said.

Karnataka’s Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, BC Nagesh, said that “No institution can teach religious textbooks. As you know, the Bible is a religious book of Christianity. Such things cannot be taught in our institutions. Whether it is a minority institution or other institutions. No religious practices are allowed,” the minister said as quoted by ANI.

Clarence High School Principal, Jerry George Mathew, was quoted by ANI as saying, “We are aware that some people are upset with one of our school’s policies. We are a peaceful, law-abiding school. We have consulted our lawyers on this matter and we will follow their advice.We will not break the law of the land.

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Posted: Monday April 25th 2022, 9:20 PM IST


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