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For the editor:

A recent letter included me in its jumble of words. Let’s do a little education on a few topics. Republican voter suppression is strong on Native American reservations in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and New Mexico, as they lack mailing addresses, polling places, and took away boxes of deposit. Georgia purged 1.5 million voters and closed 214 polling stations. Florida, Texas, New York, North Carolina and Virginia also carried out huge purges. Let’s not forget that Ohio is so Gerrymander and they won’t draw fair cards. Cheating is the only way Republicans can win.

The personal attacks on me and other women in our group speak volumes. All the name-calling sounds like a 5-year-old is throwing a tantrum. The obsession with degrading women is beyond normal. If there is reincarnation, maybe the writer will come back as Aunt Esther.

I just saw that Trump played the crazy song of Q Anon when he came to Youngstown last week and wore the Q brooch. He combines extreme Christian nationalism and conspiracy theorists into a cult. It promotes lies, hatred, violence, attacks on truth and us-against-them. Calling the press, FBI, DOJ and corrupt branches of government for investigating him. Isn’t that what Mussolini and Hitler did?

He also said “the storm is coming.” Signaling his cult to be ready for violence again as he did during a coup attempt. So when you vote for JD Vance, you are supporting this sect. He is the author of “Hillbilly Elegy” – why the poor and uneducated support Trump. Trump stole top secret documents and lied about possessing them – a serious threat to our national security. He said he would exonerate those in prison who violently stormed our Capitol, committing insurrection and crimes against our country and calling them patriots because they listened to him. He has stacked the most important courts with judges who bow for him. It’s not about politics anymore. It’s about a hopeless mentally unstable man who wants to be an anarchic dictator. Do you remember Jim Jones? He claimed to be a pastor but was in fact an atheist.

So when you vote for Trump’s Republican minions, keep in mind they’re taking away your right to vote, women’s rights, gerrymandering the courts with far-right judges with no term limits, taking away the books Library History (Free Speech), Human Rights and Future Generations will be removed.

They support armed citizens bearing arms on our streets. I doubt that’s what most people want. What happened to integrity, respect for our laws and our Constitution and what is right for the people? True Republicans are silent and will not resist this threat. What will become of our land of the free? Our democracy is in danger.

Linda Caputo


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