Election 2022: John Buckley, Holmdel Township School Board


HOLMDEL, NJ — John Buckley is one of eight candidates seeking three seats for a full term on the Holmdel School Board in the Nov. 8 general election.

In these profiles, based on the questions provided, the candidates give voters information about themselves and their positions on the issues. Patch publishes individual profiles leading up to the election.

Buckley is on a Save Holmdel school list, which prioritizes academic excellence and wants to ensure parental rights regarding state-mandated health/sex education standards, Buckley said. He also wants civics and financial literacy to be part of the students’ curriculum.

Read more about the candidate John Buckley:

Last name: John Buckley

Age: 42

Town of residence : Holmdel

Job sought : Holmdel School Board

Are you an incumbent or do you have previous board or civic experience? Nope

Do you have a campaign designation or list? : Save Holmdel Schools

Campaign website: www.saveholmldelschools.org

Family: wife Carisa; sons, Henry, 3, and Charlie, 2

Education: Bachelor of Science in Finance, Lehigh University (2002)

Occupation: Commercial real estate advisor

Why do you want to run for the school board and what in your experience or background prepares you for election? :

Having two boys about to enter the school system, I have every interest in preserving the quality of education in Holmdel schools. I want to make sure that the main objective of the school is to educate our children and prepare them for future successful academic and professional careers.

As a commercial real estate advisor, I maintain a fiduciary responsibility to my clients, ensuring
their interests come first. I am able to negotiate complex contracts, responsible
to develop and maintain multi-million dollar project budgets and adhere to strict rules
time limit. I intend to bring the same commitment and responsibility to our students, ensuring that
their interests are always the primary concern.

If you are running as part of a slate, please explain the main positions on the slate if there are agreed positions. Please name your list and its other candidates.

Save Holmdel Schools, with candidates Christian DiMare and Jeff Mann.

  • Focus on academic excellence.
  • Oppose new state-imposed sex education standards.
  • Protect the rights of parents by ensuring their role in the education of their children.
  • Ensure transparency of programs and promote accountability of all stakeholders.

What do you consider to be the main issues currently facing your district and how you plan to address them:

  • Academic Excellence: STEAM should continue to be at the heart of the program. Hire the best and brightest staff. Require civic education and financial literacy training.
  • Protect parental rights: Oppose newly imposed sex education standards or, at a minimum, require parental consent before sharing related material with students. Support families of students with special needs to ensure their needs are accommodated.
  • Curriculum Transparency: Focus on education, not indoctrination. Parents should be allowed to review lesson plans, textbooks and literature.
  • Defending All Taxpayers: Ensuring financial accountability for all taxpayer dollars. Ensure transparency of the school budget for all voters.

What changes or improvements do you see for the district that could improve educational life and is there a way to achieve this:

Learning loss due to COVID is impacting students across the Holmdel School District. This is
It is imperative to commit resources to ensure that students are not left behind and to equip them to achieve their full potential. To combat learning loss, Holmdel must consider the following:

  • After-school reading and math programs.
  • Develop a network of qualified tutors.
  • Encourage parents to take a more active role in homeschooling.

Combat the attrition of intellectual capital (students and teachers) caused by the private and elitist charter

  • Ensure academic excellence by hiring the most qualified teachers.
  • Increased focus on 21st century teaching and learning.
  • Ensure that our schools are safe, well run and well maintained.

Candidates for the Holmdel Township School Board:

Full mandate – Vote for three

  • Deborah Wilson, School Community Advocate
  • Elisabeth Urbanski
  • Chris DiMare, Save the Holmdel Schools
  • Jeff D. Mann, Save the Holmdel Schools
  • John Buckley, Save the Holmdel Schools
  • Joanne Lam, Education First
  • Alicia Unusan, Education First
  • Mathew Weisfeld, Education First

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