Election 2022: Matthew Fonte, Colts Neck School Board


COLTS NECK, NJ — Matthew Fonte is one of six candidates seeking three full-term seats on the Colts Neck Board of Education in the Nov. 8 general election.

In these profiles, based on the questions provided, the candidates give voters information about themselves and their positions on the issues. Patch publishes individual profiles leading up to the election.

Fonte runs on the Colts Kids First slate and says it fosters greater community engagement. As a member of the list, “I stand for promoting the rights and voice of parents, keeping taxes and expenses low, and preserving the classroom as a space for traditional scholars.”

Read more about the candidate Matthew Fonte:

Last name: Matthew Fonte

Age: 32

Town of residence : colt’s neck

Job sought : Colts Neck Board of Education, Full Terms

Are you a holder or do you already have academic or civic experience? I am not a holder. I have over 10 years of experience leading financial services teams, managing global projects and achieving goals in dynamic, fast-paced environments.

Do you have a campaign designation or list? : Yes, “Colts Kids First”

Campaign website: Colts Kids First on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ColtsKidsFirst/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/coltskidsfirst/ )

Family: Married to my wife, Carolyn with 3 three grandchildren, Lucy (5), Margaux (3) and Matt (1)

Education: Academy of the Christian Brothers 2007; Holy Cross College 2011, BA Economic Theory and History; 2018 Fitchburg State University, MBA

Occupation: Finance

Why do you want to run for the school board and what in your experience or background prepares you for election.

During COVID, I have witnessed the reluctance of schools and school boards to resist statewide mandates imposed on our children. For two years, I saw the anxiety induced in my then 3-year-old daughter by the authoritarian mandates of COVID. Saw my daughter come home with red, raw hands from perpetual hand sanitizer and enforced hand washing. Today, I still see her speaking with a lisp because of the speech delays she suffered because she couldn’t see or hear people speaking properly through masks. I’m a father and a professional, and I’m coming forward to stand up for our children and ensure that political panic never again trumps common sense.

If you are running as part of a slate, please explain the main positions on the slate if there are agreed positions. Please name your list and its other candidates: “Colts Kids First” with John Camera and Jessica Ramirez. As a member of the Colts Kids First ticket, I advocate for promoting the rights and voice of parents, keeping taxes and expenses low, and preserving the classroom as a space for traditional scholars.

Name what you consider to be the major issues currently facing your district and how you plan to address them. These can be local issues and/or statewide issues:

  • Protecting our children from the new sex ed curriculum by implementing a curriculum membership policy
  • Strengthen community engagement. Parents should be listened to and respected. Open forums and community engagement events would help all parents feel that their thoughts and concerns are heard and respected by the council that is supposed to represent their interests and those of their children.
  • Less expenses/less taxes. Focus spending on what schools need, not what a select few want or think would benefit them. At the end of the day, we are all taxpayers, and my goal is to keep that tax bill as low as possible.

What changes or improvements do you see for the district that could improve educational life and is there a way to accomplish them:

A fundamental element of education is the ability of students to come together and socialize. We need a council we can trust to oppose anything that threatens to take our kids out of school and force virtual learning. The Colts Kids First ticket will stand up to anything that tries to interfere with a full-time, in-person learning experience.

Candidates for the Colts Neck Board of Education:

Full mandate – Vote for three

  • Erin Molinaro
  • John A. Camera Colts Children First
  • Matthew Fonte Colts Children First
  • Jessica Ramirez Colts Children First
  • Marian Castner Experienced, Transparent, Pragmatic
  • Danielle M. Alpaugh


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