Eminem earns top spot on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart


Posted: September 16, 2022

Photo from Instagram by Marshall Mathers

Eminem earns top spot on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart

By the Movieguide® team

Despite an already successful music career for rapper Eminem, the 49-year-old continues to hit career milestones.

The 15-time Grammy winner recently debuted on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart for his final appearance on DJ Khaled’s latest album, “God Did.”

The song “Use This Gospel” is a remix of Kanye West’s original track from his popular gospel album, “Jesus Is King.”

The song has since dropped to No. 5 on the chart as TobyMac’s “The Goodness” featuring Blessing Offor took the top spot.

Movieguide® has already reported:

Eminem’s rap in “Use This Gospel” contains no swear words and a single substitute word, a far cry from his other music, which is typically plagued with foul language.

“Then my Saviour, I invoke; to draw me from these abysses of despair; then these demons had better walk like a staircase; because he is my shepherd; I am armed with Jesus, my weapon is prayer,” the lyrics continue.

“The Bible by my side like a gun with a gift from God; every day for which I thank God; that is why I pay so many tributes; praise Jesus, I always will,” Eminem’s rap concludes.

Although the author of “The Slim Shady LP” is an artist unlikely to praise Jesus in his music, the cultural icon has spoken of God in previous songs, dating back to his 1996 debut album, “Infinite.”

In the track titled “It’s Ok,” Eminem raps, “In the midst of this madness / I found my Christianity / Thanks to God and there’s a wish he granted me / He showed me how to do it cope with this stress and hope for the best / instead of moping depressed.

Christian rap artist Derek Minor also noticed the change in tone in Eminem’s feature, tweeting, “Kanye and Eminem doing Christian Raps on a DJ Khaled album is not something I would ever have. seen it coming but that’s what I’m here for. It’s a blessing to see the positivity. Especially in these times. »

Unfortunately, much like Bieber and Kanye, listeners should exercise caution and discernment when listening to the artist’s other music as it continues to include inappropriate language and content.

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