Enchiladas by the Dozen | Education


“I like everything,” she said. “I always look forward to making them.”

Fourth grader Lindsay Meininger hands a tray of enchiladas to Nellie Frizzell (left) and Nancy Hergert (right), CCS grandparent volunteers, to be marked and ready to be sent back to the home for hungry bellies.


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While most CCS students don’t help out at the enchilada factory until fourth and fifth grades, Gurnsey was a bit different, having started as early as second grade.

“Jessica’s dad is one of our main volunteers,” Goranson said. “He’s here pretty much all day every day, so Jess is one of the few students who can help out early, without having to wait until fourth and fifth grade.”

PHOTOS: CCS Enchiladas

Wendi Nichols, a CCS grandparent, pours enchilada sauce from a squirt bottle on top of plated enchiladas at the Enchilada Factory fundraiser on Tuesday afternoon.


Currently, fourth and fifth graders mainly help get plates of enchiladas where they need to go and separate tortillas. Gurnsey said she was looking forward to growing up and could help out with other things like rolling the enchiladas and sprinkling sauce and cheese.

“When I can do them, I’ll know how to do it because I watch so many people,” she said.

PHOTOS: CCS Enchiladas

Vivian Strong, a fourth-grade student, picks up a plate of enchiladas to wrap up for safekeeping. The CCS Enchilada Factory will make over 2,000 dozen enchiladas this year.


One such person she watched was Goranson, who helped fundraise as a teacher at CCS for eight years. However, this year was his first year as a senior manager.

PHOTOS: CCS Enchiladas

Priscilla Chavel, a CCS parent and paraprofessional at the school, tops off a plate of enchiladas with a handful of cheese before asking a runner to take her to the next station. The enchilada factory is taking over the entire CCS gymnasium.


“It was fun for me this year to have a leadership role, to see how the pieces fit together and to see how the kids get involved,” she said. “Our students love it. They’ve been talking about it for weeks and how excited they are, so it was fun to watch them get excited and then follow along and be great helpers.


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