Father Richard Sabiiti: An Icon of Education


When I was six years old, my mother had passed away and our father remarried and at that time Father Richard Sabiiti was ordained a priest, he took me with other girls for studies, to others dropped out but I stayed in school, he educated me to university”, Rose Kamanyire, a close friend and beneficiary of Father Sabiiti.

Father Sabiiti was pro-education, especially for girls, and never wanted to see men disrespecting women in the community.

“One day he took his pillowcase to the tailor and they made me a skirt. He always wanted us to be comfortable and never wanted us to be abused by men,” Kamanyire says.

Father Taddeus Tusiime, who worked with him for three years, agrees that Father Sabiiti was a philanthropist.

“We lost a generous priest because he helped many children learn. Whenever he was called for a pastoral visit he responded positively and he was a priest who lived by the priesthood until the moment of his death.

Father Sabiiti died of pancreatic cancer at Nsambya Hospital on March 9, 2021 and was buried two days later in Fort Portal City. The hardworking priest died at the age of 68 after serving 40 years and 10 months in the priesthood. He left a legacy as an educator in the diocese.

The Vicar General of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal, Bishop Mayombo, said the deceased was called by God to be a Christian and he went ahead to become a priest where he did many things to ensure that people received the word of God and taught the doctrine of the Catholic Church to others. people.

“God called him and made him a priest, he served us well and he did many things and at the time of his death he was teaching at the catechetical training center in Kaihura Fort Portal, in all his services where he was affected by the bishop, he was obliged, he was a priest who respected the vows he had made during his ordination”, says Bishop Mayombo.

Although his burial did not draw much praise, people described him as a down-to-earth priest who liked to work, not materialistic.

In his condolence message, the Bishop of Kabale Diocese, Callistus Rubaramira, described him as a humble priest. He knew Father Sabiiti when he was pastoral coordinator of the Catholic diocese of Fort Portal.

Father Sabiiti was appointed pastoral coordinator of the diocese from 1995 to 2000.

During the requiem mass for Father Sabiiti’s burial, Bishop Robert Muhiirwa of Fort Portal Diocese described him as a servant of God who listened to and respected him in different places where he was assigned to serve God.

Bishop Muhiirwa says he liked to be organized and smart all the time which is something many people need to copy and he liked helping people in need.

“I lost a priest who had pity; he loved helping people in need. He got a grant from outside Uganda and he decided to start a project to help the elderly in Rubingo and we pray God have mercy on him,” Muhiirwa said.

In his project for the elderly, he gathered about six elderly people and built houses for the elderly and he looked after them all the time.

To show his love for the people in the community, most Christmas time he prayed from his local church in Mukumbwe where he interacted with the people and solved some of their problems.

Father Ateenyi Bomera was described as a calm but principled servant of God and friendly with many people and he always kept his words and he was also peaceful.

Prof. Richard Sabiiti was born on 09/25/1953 in Rubingo Village, Burahya County, Kabarole District. His parents were Christopher Kiiza and Evasta Kahubire. He was ordained a priest in 1980.

He attended St Leo’s College Kyegobe for O Level before joining Alokulum National Major Seminary and then Ggaba National Seminary.

From 1992 to 1994, he followed theological and social studies.

1980-1981: Pastor of the parish of Virika
1981-1983: Pastor of the parish of Bukwali
1984-1992: St. Mary’s Seminary teacher
1995 -2000: pastoral coordinator. Virika•
2001-2002: Pastor of South Africa

2002- Parish priest of Kamwenge
2002-2004: priest Hapuuyo

2005-2009: Treasurer’s Office virika admin
2009-2010: Pastor Bukwali

2010-2013: Pastor Bukwali
2013-2015 Chaplin Nkuruba Convent/Cenacle Program

2015-2017, New Zealand in the Diocese of AUCKLand St. Joseph Parish
2017-2021: Master Kaihura


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