First Christian Church hires Ismael Sandoval as musical director


First Christian Church announces Ismael Sandoval as the new musical director of the church.

Mr. Sandoval comes to Chattanooga from Boston, where he was an assistant chef
of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. With orchestra
experience as a conductor, he has conducted choirs, conducted operas and provided instruments
instruction for students in brass and wood.

Mr. Sandoval was also artistic director of The Women’s Chorus, a group created to provide “exceptional musical and musical experiences” to Boston women facing homelessness and poverty.

In addition to his role as Music Director of FCC, he will be the new conductor of the
Chattanooga Symphony Youth Orchestra, replacing Gary Wilkes in both roles, after that of Mr. Wilkes
retired earlier this year.

Mr. Sandoval will start his job at First Christian in October.

“I am so excited to be welcomed into the community of First Christian Church. From the early days of the interview process, I knew there was something really special about this church, and the more I read on the community, the more I wanted to be involved, “said Mr. Sandoval.” I certainly have big shoes to fill and many challenges in the face of the COVID pandemic, but I hope to make the most of the situation and provide the congregation with meaningful musical experiences
inside and outside worship services.


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