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Parishioners, friends and families gathered on Tuesday morning at the entrance to the First Christian Church of Tyler to celebrate the raising of a new steeple that features a 30-foot-high cross.

Participants watched the 110-foot-tall church steeple rise as they remembered the historic significance of the replaced cross. The cross was used at the church’s previous location in downtown Tyler.

“It’s the original cross that’s been up there since 1965. We had to take it down a few years ago, we noticed it seemed to list a bit. We were afraid he would fall, ”said Senior Pastor Chris Pulliam.

Two years ago, when the cross seemed to bow, together the church decided to bring down the cross. Pulliam said when the existing structure was taken down, the church received numerous phone calls about the cross.

“For some it was unfortunate. For some, it was a real heartbreak. They would say, ‘Where is our cross? We need our cross, ”and we all agreed we needed it up there. It just took a while to get it up there, but I think it’s still going to be up there 50 more years until we have to do something again, ”Pulliam said.

The whole structure has been redesigned keeping in mind the original architectural style of the church. There will be lights and bells added to the tower to shine at night.

Two years later, the cross returned to the church and Pulliam said the congregation liked its appearance.

First Christian Church moved to its current location in 1965 after being in downtown Tyler. Some members who witnessed the steeple rise have been with the church since ’65.

The building was renovated in 2014, and Pulliam said the addition of the new tower was the last piece of the renovation.

“Our mission here is to speak and live for Christ in our community and in the world, so it’s something for our community when they drive, when they hear the bells, so it affects us all,” a said Pulliam. “There are about 80,000 cars passing through this intersection, so we hope it affects everyone in a positive way, a soft little voice that lets us think higher thoughts of God. This corner is one of the main centers of interest in the community. We are happy to have this declaration of faith.

Nancy Grant, a resident of Tyler and a member of the First Christian Church for 47 years, attended the tower raising ceremony as members took photos and videos of the historic moment, prayed and sang hymns together.

“My granddaughter and I a few years ago watched the cross come down, and we went through so many design planes we couldn’t afford and we missed having it up there. Since we are a central location in the center of town, this is something we wanted to reclaim, ”said Grant.

She added that more visitors have joined the church because of the steeple and the cross.

“Our music will start soon. We have a little problem with this, but it will start soon, ”Grant said. “It’s an important part of Tyler and we want the center to be the center. That’s what it is for our church and that’s what it is here in Tyler.

The church, located at the corner of South Broadway Avenue and the 323 Loop, will have a celebration Sunday to celebrate the latest improvement to their renovations.

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