First fan-owned Christian film studio launched by religious filmmakers


This is the first time Christian fans will be able to help create faith-based family films.

To spread the love of Christ, Called Higher Studios was formed as the first fan-owned faith-based film studio, The Christian Post reports.

Christian film executives Jason Brown and Ash Greyson chose to launch the new studio in Franklin, Tennessee to recreate and reimagine Christian cinema.

The co-founders say they want the studio to honor God and serve others.

“Our goal is to give a voice to creators through the lens of faith,” says Greyson. “We are a production community.”

Despite the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, Brown says there has never been a better time to set up a studio to share the gospel.

“If you watch the news for more than a few minutes, I think it’s easy to see that we need hope and the light of the world.”

The co-founders and their team raised more than $ 1 million in April from nearly 4,000 investors to fund the studio and its upcoming operations. These investors bought shares in the company and were named owners of Called Higher Studios.

The studio says its first production will be The grace of Christ, a film based on the crucifixion of Jesus.

Brian Baugh, who wrote I am not ashamed, wrote the screenplay. Production on the film is expected to begin next year.

The studio aims to create world-class content that supports the visions of the Christian fans who invest in it.

Fans will be able to give their opinion on the projects, help with the casting and maybe even score a cameo appearance.

Called Higher Studios also engages with nonprofits around the world, as part of its mandate to operate for the higher good – the good of God.


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