For second week in a row, Journey Christian Church cancels Sunday services due to COVID-19 outbreak


From staff reports

For the second week in a row, Journey Christian Church has canceled Sunday services at its Apopka and Lake County campuses due to an outbreak of COVID-19 among its staff, volunteers and families, according to a statement posted on his Facebook and youtube page. channel.

Journey Senior Pastor John Hampton spoke about the urgency of the issue in the five-minute video, alongside Associate Senior Pastor Dustin Aagaard.

“This is a time of crisis as we have learned more and more from our people… especially staff members, especially volunteers and their families have tested positive for COVID,” Hampton said. “They have tested positive and are ill … many of them are seriously ill and some have been hospitalized. Pray for the many brothers and sisters we love and serve with … that they make a full recovery and prevent it from going beyond our Journey family. “

According to Hampton and Aagaard, there were 17 positive cases last week, but that number has risen to 40 positive cases this week.

“The wisest course of action is not to meet now,” said Hampton. “We just make sure to act wisely. We love Journey and we don’t want to see people get sick anymore by coming here for a gathering of some kind. This is serious. Florida is a hot spot. Cases have increased dramatically – over 30% in Orange County compared to last week … so there are a lot of people we need to be extra careful of. “

To view Pastors Hampton and Aagaard’s 5-minute video statement, go here.

To view the 35-minute Midweek Conversation video with additional details about the outbreak and Journey’s response, click here.

For more details, visit the Journey Christian Church website.


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