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On that special Sunday morning, the congregation sang as I lip-synced, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, Go Tell It On The Mountain, O Come All Ye Faithful, and Away in The Manger. Larry Miller started the service off with a special and I ended up wiping the tears from my eyes. This brother brought it. With snow and cold outside, it was like Christmas inside the bustling church at 919 S Main, Galena. Contact the church at [email protected] Shout out to Mae West’s member mother, Shirley Watkins who has been a member for 87 years. Mae West’s grandmother, Mary Watkins, also attended the historic church.

Congratulations to members Aaron and Constance Asher from Columbus. Keep up the good work at the goat farm. You have wonderful children! Thank you Garry and Sherry Collins for the original invitation. Thank you Elder Paul and Brenda Baugh for your leadership and hospitality. Joseph and Lacy West have 7 beautiful and charming children, Navilyn, Keylauna, Daphne, Isabelle, Sierra, Rosalie, and one on the way. It’s a very special family. Hope to see you again Joe Jr.

About 5 years ago he invited me to speak to the youth at the church and at a Christian club at Galena High School. Her father, eldest Joe West, brought the Sunday School message before the play and the ladies delivered a home run at the church potluck after the late Christmas play. I believe I can sincerely testify that I have never seen green beans surrounded by such scrumpdillyishus, a tantalizing “fit for a king” table filled with good food in my long life. In fact, there were 3 jars of green beans and I spotted the “garden jar fresh” from the front door of the scholarship room. Other foods included huge slices of premium roast beef cooked with large slices of white onions by chef and elder Joe West Sr., mashed potatoes twice mashed with good and lots of butter, macaroni and cheese with an emphasis on the cheese, fresh green salad with everything from the garden and then some.

In the mix, I spotted a pot big enough to feed the camp stew goats. I poured a large stainless steel ladle full of stew over my tender roast beef. So tender that I cut it with a plastic knife on my paper plate. On the dessert table I saw, but didn’t eat, clusters of chocolate peanuts, a butter pie, peanut butter balls and finally mae West brought an experimental cream cake of banana described as dense or heavy by her beloved husband. She was out of one thing or another and added a packet of cream cheese at the last minute the night before. With 8 months of torture and an 8 inch waist, I couldn’t help but watch Joplin firefighter Aaron Asher chew on his delicious pound of cake. I felt the temptation because I like anything banana.

After service I ran 3 1/2 miles. I didn’t eat any sweets but my portion size on the roast beef was, shall we say, “super-size”. In the evening I had a bowl of whole wheat cereal and a small organic banana for supper. I don’t think anyone had more fun than me, but they tried hard enough. It is a close-knit church ready to welcome anyone who comes to the front or back door. Remember above all that God loves you, he really loves you, me too. Thanks for stopping by, invite a friend or two over for our next visit next week. Share this collection diary with your family or friends, please. Contact me at [email protected] with your tips around towns in Cherokee County.

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