Impressive indie band Present Company have released a 15-song “self-titled” album


Nothing can beat an impressive dose of indie music and Actual society offers this through his music. They are young and they have already made some interesting songs. And in their recent release, ‘Eponym’ holds 15 of their unique indie mixed numbers. This group is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, lavishly indulging in this genre. The band started with Christian Nelson and Eddie Chisham, they are both in charge of vocals, guitar, keyboards and songwriting. Later, Seth Lemmon on bass and Berin Joseph on drums joined the band.

Their musical diction includes 80s post-punk sounds as well as modern indie panache. The drama that Actual society book through their eclectic music is truly amazing. In their album, they offered songs like ‘Intro’I can’t turn it off‘, ‘It doesn’t look good‘, ‘Normal‘, ‘Hold me‘, ‘Thorny‘, ‘Still‘, ‘Something is wrong‘, ‘This time‘, ‘2.29‘, ‘Conduct‘, ‘Millennial mallow‘, ‘what you wanted‘, ‘what you wanted‘, and ‘dead poets. They will be back with more songs in the future, but until then you can listen to their songs on various music streaming platforms. Their music is young and offers diverse flavors, discover their album “Self-titled” on SoundCloud, Linktree, Bandcamp, YouTube and Spotify, and follow them on Instagram.

Listen to this album on SoundCloud:

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