Include God’s Creation in Sunday Worship Songs, Gospel Focus


Well-known Christian music collective, The Porter’s Gate Worship, in partnership with the World Evangelical Fellowship (WEA) and several Christian non-profit organizations, recently released a new worship album titled Climate Watch Songs.

The authors of the album aim for carols to be sung in church during services.

“The lyrics are drawn from scripture and a deep well of time-tested Christian teachings“, pointed out the creators. Additionally, “various artists and musical styles represented on the album span different Christian traditions, so there is a song on the album for almost every church.”

The WEA said that “the album is an expression of the Climate Watch Movementwho guest Christians and people of good will come together in local communities to bear witness to our climate crisis and take action to finish “.

“Many Christians remain confused about how their beliefs relate to one of the greatest moral challenges of our time. Could Christian music be part of the solution? The release of this major new album offers an enthusiastic ‘Yes’,” the Climate Vigil movement said in a statement.

Album cover. / Climate Vigil.

The project has brought together renowned singers and songwriters such as Fernando Ortega, Molly Parden, Jonathan Ogden, Page CXVI, Terrian, Josh Garrels, Paul Zach, Audrey Assad, Jon Guerra, Taylor Leonhardt, Jessica Fox, Matt Maher, Jason Upton, Sara Groves, Liz Vice, Nick Chambers, Kate Bluett, Isaac Wardell, Latifah Alattas, Leslie Jordan, Wendell Kimbrough, Andy Squyres, Tenielle Neda, Lucas Morton and Nan Macmillan.

In addition to the album, the creators will soon release a resource guide “with devotions for each song, resources for worship leaders, such as sheet music and song introductions, and sermon entries, relevant information on climate change, and other helpful resources for pastors.”

Isaac Wardell, Creative Director of Porter’s Gate Worship Project, explained that “theologically speaking, we wanted this album to do three different things. First, we wanted to sing songs that celebrate the beauty and wonders of God’s creationwith special emphasis on God as an actor in the world”.

Moreover, “we must to grieve for what has been lost, so we have written songs that give the church words to mourn the devastation of God’s good ground. They are profound spiritual and biblical expressions, not just political positions.”

“Third, we wanted to help people do something with those beliefs, so we wrote songs for action and mobilization, where we say “yes” to the work we are called to do. God restores all things, and He gives us hands and feet to help build His kingdom, both on earth and in heaven,” Wardell concluded.

“This cult the album now offers a variety of songs that can help believers express their gratitude, concerns and prayers related to the beautiful creation that God has entrusted to usand this can arouse in us a greater desire to act and deal with it better”, underlined the general secretary of the EAJ, Thomas Schirrmacher.

Dr. Chris Elisara, co-director of the World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center also pointed out that “Climate Vigil Songs rreminds us that followers of Christ do not hide from the pain of this world. We do not turn away from people affected by droughts, floods and heat waves. No, we are getting into trouble, even if it is risky and uncomfortable”.

“The truth of Easter is that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus God does not give up everything he created and lovesso we are not going to give up on ourselves and our neighbors suffering from climate change, nor on helping to solve our climate crisis,” he added.

Climate Vigil Songs is available on the Climate Vigil website and major streaming platforms.


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