Join The Alabama Education Lab, Associated Press on Twitter Spaces to Discuss the Teacher Shortage


Stories of teacher shortages, echoed in media across the country this fall, can be chilling. The media said school staff are in “crisis” and are “catastrophic.”

Here has AL.comour Ed Lab team also reported high retirement rates and low morale.

But what has really changed at the class level? Has children’s learning been impacted? And what can educators and parents in communities in other states and cities learn?

The Alabama Education Lab assesses the problem with our latest national collaborative journalism project, titled “Addressing Teacher Shortages.” This series is part of a nationwide collaboration between Education Labs and Associated Press reporters, AL.comThe Christian Science Monitor, The Dallas Morning News in Texas, The Fresno Bee in California, The Hechinger Report, The Seattle Times, and The Post and Courier in Charleston, South Carolina.

Join us on Twitter Spaces at 11 a.m. Central to discuss the topic. You can set a reminder and listen live here.

The Twitter Spaces conversation will be moderated by Associated Press editor Chrissie Thompson, who leads the national news services education team. educational reporter Rebecca Griesbach, AP reporter Sharon Lurye and EdTrust expert Eric Duncan will discuss their reporting.

The national collaboration is planning another Twitter space later this month. Follow Alabama Education Lab on Twitter @aledlab to be informed of upcoming events.

Read recent stories from “Tackling Teacher Shortages” here:

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