Journey’s Jonathan Cain Reveals Famous Songs ‘Faithfully’ and ‘Open Arms’ Were Inspired by God


Jonathan Cain of rock band Journey has revealed that their famous songs like “Faithfully,” and “Open Arms” were inspired by God and have a double meaning in their words.

Jonathan Cain

Jonathan, a Christian artist, is known for writing Journey songs like “Do not stop Believing” and “Open Arms” in 1981, and “Faithfully” in 1983. These are some of the band’s songs that have remained popular even after decades of their release.

In a recent video for “I’m second,” Jonathan revealed that the songs he wrote came from God. He believed that everything he had done was because of and was for his father. He didn’t realize it was all from God until his father died in 1987.

“I’ve said everything I’ve done, every note I play, I can trace back to my dad,” he said. “And then God – His voice came to me [as] I sat crying on the piano. [God] said, ‘No, Jon, it’s me. It’s me, Jon. It has always been Me through him. I am the source. I’m where it comes from Jon. I liked you. And I went, ‘Oh, man. How did I miss this? »

Photo courtesy: Instagram | jonathancainofficial

Inspired by God

He then revealed that some of the songs he wrote have double meanings in their lyrics.

“I am yours forever, Lord, faithfully,” he said.

“Lord, I come to you with open arms,” ​​he said.

“It opened my eyes to love, the transcendence of [the] Father speaking to his son through his natural father,” he said.

Jonathan also shared his testimonies in the video of how God saved his life many times and how he got involved in music. Today, the 72-year-old musician now serves the Lord as a worship leader in his church.

“I never thought I would go back to church and sing, but the music started coming out of me,” Jonathan said. “Now I understand that my worship music is my way of being grateful. …I think we all need to know it’s not too late. …He’s a good God.


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