June is Youth Month at Winchester Country Christian Church | New


This month, the Countryside Christian Church is offering a number of activities aimed at enriching the lives of young people in the area. Last week, the church offered “Messy Church” for one hour each morning in Goodrich Park. Every day, 70 to 90 children enjoyed singing songs, playing games, crafts, telling Bible stories and snacking.

On June 12, the Cincinnati Church of the Savior United Methodist Church Youth Choir and Ringers performed a program called “Alive.” This week, many young people from the church are participating in the church camp. This Sunday, June 19 at 9:30 a.m. at the Country Christian Church at 1212 East 100 South, the Randolph Friends Youth Choir will perform a special performance. This group of young people under the leadership of Jesse and Ari Edwards will embark on their first-ever missionary journey together this summer. They will leave for a week on June 20, 2022 to travel to Crawford, Colorado to a place called Ranch Haven. Youth from Randolph Friends Church will participate in various volunteer efforts around the facility. They will also be involved in music ministry in the local church. Jesse Edwards has a passion for young people and believes in involving them from an early age is extremely important. He is very excited to see how the youth of Randolph Friends will be affected on their missionary journey.

Youth from Countryside Christian Church will also make their annual mission trip to Mountaintop. On their return, they will make a presentation of the trip. Another young man from the church recently took a trip to India. He will also give a presentation on his experiences in India.

“It’s exciting for me to help spread the word of God and to be able to have a positive effect on so many young people in our community,” said Pastor Melissa Kleinschmidt. “These youngsters are all amazing and have so much potential, it’s fun to watch them discover themselves as people,” she added.


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