Kanye had a ‘good meeting’ with his ex-wife Kim about raising their children | MorungExpress


Los Angeles, September 5 (IANS) Rapper Kanye West says he had a “good meeting” with ex-wife Kim Kardashian about raising their children.

The 45-year-old rapper re-emerged on social media on Saturday to make the statement after angrily posting screenshots of his textual arguments with Kim about where their kids should go to school, femalefirst.co reports. uk.

But he said on his Instagram afterwards: “Hi guys, I’m baaaaack Sorry it took so long to post, I just had a great meeting with Kim about the schools.”

But he used the rest of his post to berate a list of his haters, including Adidas executive Daniel Cherry, Kid Cudi and Pete Davidson, among others.

Kanye and Kim’s children are currently attending a top private school in Los Angeles, but the rapper apparently wanted them to transfer to his own recently opened Donda Academy, a Christian school he named after his late mother.

He snapped at Kim, “You’re not allowed to say where the kids go to school. Why do you say. Because you’re half white?”

Kanye also teased Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, whom he called “Kris Jong Un” a few years ago.

Kim retaliated by forwarding a message from Kris, who pleaded with the rapper to stop attacking her because of how “stressed” she was.

Kanye said, “You don’t have so much to say about my black kids and where they go to school. They won’t do Playboys and sex tapes.”

It was a jibe at the sex tape Kim made with her 41-year-old ex, Ray J.

In another Instagram post, Kanye took issue with the children’s school teaching Kwanzaa students.

He said, “What is Kwanzaa and who invented these bulls?”


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