Kepplewray Center featured in BBC’s Songs of Praise


AN ADVENTURE center which focuses on providing new experiences for disadvantaged young people made an appearance on a popular BBC show this weekend.

The Kepplewray Center was visited by James Lusted and featured on the latest episode of BBC show Songs of Praise.

The episode focused on Carlisle Cathedral, but a segment took place in the Southern Lakes, around Broughton and Coniston, with entertainers and young people.

In the show, James Lusted participates in activities such as stacking boxes in the forest and canoeing on Coniston.

Manager Nick Breton told James: “We are a Christian center but we are open to everyone. We have a particular desire to bring people from vulnerable, low-income or disadvantaged backgrounds or those living with other barriers in life.

“We have a very strong philosophy of inclusion for all, making sure everyone has a good time together, learns and helps each other.

“We are inspired by the words of Jesus in John 10:10, where he says, ‘I have come that they may have life and have it to the full’.”

In the segment, James speaks to underprivileged youth, tutors and activity center staff.

Craig Wallace, Activities Manager at Kepplewray, said: “I think my best moment here at Kepplewray was when we had a guy completely immobile in his chair who couldn’t communicate verbally at all and hardly any special communication. We helped him down the ramp and when he came down the most amazing smile broke out on his face.”

While one woman participating in the activities explained that it would not be something they could usually do, expressing that she appreciated the opportunity to be included.

She said, “All these challenges are not a challenge when you come somewhere like this.”

Other young people told James that the activities were “exhilarating” and out of their comfort zone, but enjoyable.


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