Letter: National Board of Education’s Action Against TPS Is Unfair and Malicious | Letters to the Editor


So go after them. The Tulsa Public Schools Board of Education is expected to join the American Civil Liberties Union in Bert v. O’Connor to challenge the passage of the House Bill 1775. The act violates the First Amendment right to free speech and its corollary the right to listen, as it is vague and poorly drafted in order to allow a field of unacceptable application.

The Oklahoma State Board of Education, in its decision to accredit TPS with cautionary status, is a prime example of how the law hampers academic freedom and the educational process. The decision of the State Board of Education acted maliciously, capriciously and arbitrarily, in my opinion.

The “evidence” was fabricated and thin as presented by counsel for the council. The case was clearly staged by a Christian nationalist teacher to target Oklahoma’s largest public school district. The far right has been seeking a case for more than a decade to advance its white supremacist agenda.

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The four board member states that voted to place TPS on warning status were complicit in this program.

The existence of HB 1775 as a law prevents our young people from ever knowing the history of this country and being able to form thoughtful opinions in the future.

It is time for us to take a stand and defend our right to speak and know and that of our young people to do the same.

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