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The Roaring Robotics team, led by Jeff Hubbard, brings huge wins to the school and numerous awards at Lakeway Christian Academy trophies. Some of the biggest accomplishments the newly insurgent team is looking to accomplish is getting to the Robotics State Championship in Nashville, Tennessee, and then the next big thing for the team is heading to Dallas, Texas to the World Robotics Championship. Getting to these big competitions requires a lot of effort and preparation for robots to overcome many obstacles.

During weekday afternoons, much like a sports team, the team gets together and the members make a list of things they need to accomplish for the next competition. Their “coach” Mr. Hubbard gives some thoughts on the improvements and any other comments. Then, students work on improving their robots, programming, driving skills, building, and more. Whatever held them back in the last competition is what they will try to overcome to not hold them back in competitions anymore.

“Teams make final adjustments to their robot, test their programming source codes, practice robot skills inside the 12′ x 12′ perimeter with the robot or to overcome problems from previous tournaments or even the latest stages of rebuilding their robot from the last tournament,” Hubbard shares of the final preparations. Making sure the robots are ready for the next competition is something the students are focusing heavily on so they can pull themselves up. the highest possible.

Mr. Hubbard leads the middle school and high school teams, so he notices the differences in the grades. Some of the most notable things he shares are the difficulty level of the robots, their source codes, and the intensity as they progress over the years. The positions within a team are: 1 to 2 builders, a robot pilot, a coder/programmer, an engineering notebook journalist, and spotters who help the pilot during the game.

Mr. Hubbard began his career in the military as an electronics technician working in a variety of environments. After the army, going to school was the next big step. While in college, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Masters in Information Technology. “I’ve always been intrigued by building and designing using CAD, 3D printing and laser cutting,” Hubbard said of his career. Mr. Hubbard is in his second year of teaching at the LCA and coaching robotics teams. Hubbard teaches middle and high school robotics, middle school STEM, and introductory engineering.

Hubbard says one of the things he loves is seeing new students come in overwhelmed with the idea that robotics, STEM or engineering has to offer. Then overtime students see progress and learn how to make robots, do STEM activities, or work on an engineering project. Some students come to class knowing nothing or how to do anything around robotics, have now done things on their own, and have a shot at qualifying for a championship.

Through all of these things, the Roaring Robotics team brings many victories and awards to Lakeway Christian Academy.

They put in the time and are dedicated to making sure they arrive at competitions as prepared as they can be, and the awards are proof of that. You can learn more about the Roaring Robotics team at


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