Listen to two new covers from Mercy Music and Lovebreakers!


Today, we’re thrilled to present two brand new covers of Mercy Music and Love breakers! The songs are off the upcoming compilation album Undercover in the Streets: A Tribute to Vagrant Records. Mercy Music covers No Motiv’s “Get A Life” and Brendan Scholz said of the compilation album,

“We were so excited when Rob asked us to do the Vagrant tribute. The label/artists were a huge influence on me!”

Lovebreakers cover Alkaline Trio’s “Private Eye” and bassist Christian O’Reilly said of the song,

“Alkaline Trio was my very first show, in 2001, it changed my life. They ended the show with Private Eye, so 21 years later, having the opportunity to release this cover is a real treat. ”

Undercover in the Streets: A Tribute to Vagrant Records will be released on May 20 via Wiretap Records and Friend Club Records and can be pre-recorded here. Check out the songs and track list below.

Undercover in the Streets: A Tribute to Vagrant Records Track list

1. Burnt Tapes – “Holiday” (Originally performed by The Get Up Kids)

2. Lovebreakers – “Private Eye” (originally performed by Alkaline Trio)

3. Parting – “All Things Ordinary” (Originally performed by The Anniversary)

4. Common Sage – “Midnight Zone” (originally performed by Balance And Composure)

5. Catholic Guilt – “At Your Funeral” (Originally performed by Saves The Day)

6. Bristol To Memory – “The Pharmacist” (Originally performed by Hot Rod Circuit

7. Least – “Hello, I’m in Delaware” (originally performed by City And Colour)

8. Mercy Music – “Get A Life” (Originally performed by No Motiv)

9. Love Again – “It Could Be Anywhere In The World” (Originally performed by Alexisonfire)

10. Floorbird – “Robbers” (originally performed by The 1975)

11. Talk Show Host – “Chips Ahoy” (Originally performed by The Hold Steady)

12. Taken Days – “Buried A Lie” (Originally performed by Senses Fail)

13. Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves – “I’m Trying” (originally performed by Face To Face)

14. Movin In Stereo – “Chariots On Fire” (Originally performed by Rocket From the Crypt)

15. American Television – “You And Me” (Originally performed by Boxer)

16. Lost In Society – “Broken Record” (Originally performed by Automatic 7)

17. Rundown Kreeps – “Diane” (Originally performed by The Hippos)

18. Avenues – “Shoot The Moon” (originally performed by Face To Face)

19. Odd Robot – “Holy Roman” (Originally performed by The Get Up Kids)

20. Tiny Stills – “Anywhere With You” (originally performed by Saves The Day)

21. Tweedmouth – “As Far As I Know” (Originally performed by Paul Westerberg)

22. Elijah Newman – “There’s Something Dark” (Originally performed by Dustin Kensrue)

23. The Bell And The Hammer – “Going To Happen” (Originally performed by Koufax)

24. All Hallowed – “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” (Originally performed by the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

25. Harker – “Dustbins of History” (Originally performed by The (International) Noise Conspiracy

26. Spaceships – “A Song For Milly Michaelson” (Originally performed by Thrice)

27. No Better – Haven’t Been This Happy” (originally performed by Hey Mercedes)

28. NTVTY – The Places You Fear Most” (Originally performed by Dashboard Confessional)

29. Ray Gun Solace – “I Won’t Run Away” (Originally performed by The New Amsterdams)

30. Paper Disguise – “Stronger Than” (Originally performed by Pete Yorn)

31. Dirt Money – “Apocalypse Wow!” (originally performed by Reggie And The Full Effect)


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