Main Christian church installs first openly trans bishop


A The Church of California installed the first openly transgender bishop of a main Christian denomination in San Francisco.

Reverend Megan Rohrer was appointed bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on Saturday, saying the recognition is a lesson in humility.

“It’s fancy new embroidery, but it’s always the first part of doing new work, you want to do well because so many people in the world care,” Rohrer told Fox2 in the Bay Area. “Becoming a bishop is yet another area in which trans people can be fully equal. “


Rohrer is expected to serve a six-year term and preside over the Sierra Pacific Synod, which consists of approximately 200 Lutheran congregations.

The road to becoming a bishop has not been easy, according to Rohrer, who was the first transgender chaplain in the San Francisco Police Department.

Rohrer has reportedly been kicked out of the church for his settlements against people from the gay and transgender community.

Rohrer was considered a member of the clergy in 2010 and led services as a pastor of the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco.

“As I think of other people who will be future pastors, I will do my best to remove the obstacles that stand in front of them, just as hundreds of thousands of people have moved the obstacles in my path,” said Rohrer.

Rohrer, who is married with two children, hopes his tenure as bishop will help foster egalitarianism, the reverend told the Washington Examiner.

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“Like many other trans pioneer people who are accessing sacred and secular jobs, I hope my service as bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America will lead to greater equality for all who seek to take care for their neighbors, ”Rohrer said.


Rohrer hopes that being a bishop will elucidate the dedication that gay and transgender members have to the faith.

“I hope the news of my installation reaches all the places where trans people need to be reminded that God is with them and that he supports them,” Rohrer said. “I pray that my story will help those in conflict begin to imagine trans loyalty.”

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