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Midland University recognizes 514 students for outstanding achievement by being named to the Fall 2021 Academic Awards List. Midland students were honored with four awards (President’s List, President’s Award of Excellence, Dean and Dean’s Award of Excellence) for the semester.

President’s List recipients must have a 4.0 GPA, no incomplete grades, and at least 12 credits on the AF grade scale.

President’s Achievement Award recipients must have a 4.0 GPA, no incomplete grades, and 6-11 credits on the AF grade scale.

Dean’s List recipients must have a GPA of 3.50 to 3.99, no incomplete grades, and at least 12 credits on the AF grade scale.

Recipients of the Dean’s Achievement Award must have a GPA of 3.50 to 3.99, no incomplete grades, and 6 to 11 credits on the AF grade scale.

The following students from the region were honored:

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Ames: Malorie Poessnecker, Social Services.

Fremont: Tori Baker, pre-elementary education, K-8; Riley Evans, secondary education; Elimi Hernandez, pre-elementary education, K-8; Zoey Ann Hurst, arts management; Hayley Kohl, Pre-Secondary Education; Karla Lemus, Nursing – Traditional; Mélanie Letzring, Secondary Education; Meghann McCurdy, Primary Education, K-8; Kayla Monaghan, Accounting; Jared Money, natural sciences; Lexus Mueller, biology; Sarah Murray, arts management; Lance Myers, psychology; Hannah Nelson, Nursing – Traditional; Melissa Niles, secondary education; Sarah Pall, psychology; Emma Shepard, Primary Education, K-8; Samantha Shepard, elementary education, K-8; Jaime Sion, director; Ashley Thomas, elementary education, K-8 (TCL); Katlin Vampola, elementary education, K-8; Melissa Warner, Digital Marketing; Jordyn Werth, Elementary Education, K-8.

Howells: Erin Prusa, secondary education.

Kennard: Brant Hilzendeger, unstated.

Nickerson: Hannah Meyer, Unstated.

North Bend: Tana Nelson, nursing – RPN to BSN.

Oakland: Gunnar Ray, undeclared.

Scribner: Christian Dames, Secondary Education.

West Point: Jenna Schinstock, Pre-Special Education Generalist, K-12.

Yutan: Jessica Palmquist, secondary education; Colby Tichota, Accounting, Yutan.

President’s Award of Excellence

Cedar Bluffs: Betsy Paprocki, RN – RN to BSN.

North Bend: Linda Emanuel, nursing – RN to BSN.

Arlington: Rachel Brown, secondary education; Charlie Hendry, Sociology.

Cedar Bluffs: Sarah Rhoads, Nursing – Traditional.

Dodge: Bridget Praest, Art – Graphic Art.

Fremont: David Barclay, Human Performance – Athletic Training (BA); Cailin Brashear, management, Fremont; Grace Burns, arts management; Benjamin Castillo, arts management; Allie DeGroff, Nursing – Traditional; Guilherme Demhougi, Athletic Training; Alexandra Glosser, digital marketing; Gage Gonzales, criminal justice; Jennifer Harshbarger, Ministry of Youth and Family Affairs; Lily Hinkel, arts management; Jacob Johnson, Education, PK-12; Katie Kimes, Elementary Education, K-8; Ayden Koss-Marshall, management; Dylan Kucera, Education, PK-12; Chase Lipsys, management; Cheyenne Mahnke, nursing – traditional; Jordan Martin, Social Services; Ross McMahon, Secondary Education; Haley Mendez, biology; Mandy Montante Gonzalez, Sociology; Nicholas Novak, management; Jaineily Ortiz, Exercise Science; Rylee Rusinko, Nursing – Traditional; Tristan Thurlow, Mathematics; Yenifer Umana Alvarez, undeclared; Leslie Valdivia Pena, business administration.

Nickerson: Charles Buckley, nursing – traditional.

North Bend: Samantha McDonald, pre-elementary education, K-8; Savannah Sindelar, management.

Oakland: Carter Anderson, Education, PK-12.

Prague: Gunnar Vanek, agro-industry.

Scribner: Elissa Dames, Accounting.

Wahoo: Reagan Benes, pre-elementary education, K-8; Brandon Blum, Accounting, Wahoo; Brianna Brabec, Accounting; Aja Henderson, pre-elementary education, K-8; Callan Phillips, Education, PK-12.

Weston: Paige Maly, Primary Education, K-8.

West Point: Lexis Haase, Business Administration – Marketing; Evie Schlickbernd, agribusiness.

Dean’s Award of Excellence

Fremont: Jonathan Anthony, nursing – RN to BSN; Austin Gabler, arts management.

Prague: Trevor Havlovic, director.


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