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Music is an essential part of Dia de los Muertos Celebration of (Day of the Dead). For this reason, many Latin artists have lent their voices to highlight the traditional melodies of this Mexican festival, which mixes indigenous roots with Christian traditions from the Spanish colonial era, but also to highlight more recent songs such as than those included in the 2017 Disney-Pixar Motion Picture Soundtrack, Coco.

According to this tradition, every November 1 and 2, the dead and the living are reunited on their return from Mictlanas the ancient Mexicans called the underworld.

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In honor of Day of the Dead, Billboard compiled five heartfelt songs. Listen to them below:

“La Llorona”, various artists

“La Llorona” is one of the best-known pieces in the Mexican popular songbook and originated in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca. The most famous version is performed by the late singer of Costa Rican descent Chavela Vargas. Other popular performers include Mexican artists Lila Downs, Aída Cuevas and Natalia Lafourcade.

In recent years, the timeless song has positioned itself among younger generations thanks to Ángela Aguilar, who recently performed it in front of thousands of people in Mexico City’s Zócalo at the closing of the mega-parade dedicated to the Day of the Dead.

This year there is also a new version performed by another young Mexican regional artist, Carolina Ross, who accompanies her on vocals with a TikTok where she transforms into the skull of Catrina.

“Nostalgia”, Julieta Venegas

Mexican-American singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas pays homage to Mexican tradition with “La Nostalgia,” which premiered Sunday (October 30) exclusively on her Facebook page. The song is part of his seventh album, You Storywhich will be released on November 10. In this song, Venegas captures his memories of Mexico and draws heavy inspiration from the Day of the Dead.

“Las Flored del Camposanto”, Lupita Infanta

The Mexican-American singer (granddaughter of iconic Mexican actor and singer Pedro Infante), released a majestic mariachi version of this song written by Luis Rosado Vega and performed in 1986 by the late Mexican singer-songwriter and musician Oscar Chavez. Infante recorded the piece to honor those who are no longer with us and the place where they rest, the cemeteries.

“Flores y Tierra”, Danny Felix

Phoenix-based singer Danny Felix, one of the pioneers of the corrido tumbao genre, has also released new music in honor of the Day of the Dead. On November 1, he shared a video on his YouTube account announcing “Flores y Tierra”, which he said is “dedicated to loved ones who are no longer with us”. An accompanying music video shows Felix performing the song in a cemetery during the day.

“Recurdame”, Natalia Lafourcade, Carlos Rivera

“Recuérdame” is the main theme song of the Disney Pixar film, coconut. Many versions of this heartfelt track exist, including one by Carlos Rivera, who recorded the Spanish version for Latin America, and “Remember Me” in English recorded by Miguel Natalia Lafourcade. The song was also performed by famous Latin actor Gael García Bernal at the 2018 Academy Awards, where it won Best Original Song.

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