New abuse allegations have emerged at the New Life Christian Church



Several women have come forward with allegations of abuse against the pastor of New Life Christian Church.

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While abuse scandals involving evangelical megachurch leaders such as Matt Chandler may grab international headlines, other stories of pastoral abuse are often understated.

Take the case of John B. Lowe, II, pastor of New Life Christian Church (Warsaw, IN). He resigned at a church service on May 22, 2022, where he confessed his sin of adultery. According to Lowe’s account, his adulterous sin took place over twenty years ago and involved a 16-year-old woman. After Lowe’s confession and a prayerful embrace from some members of the congregation, Bobi Gephart grabbed a microphone and confronted Lowe. She accused him of grooming her as a teenager for seven years, taking her virginity and sexually assaulting her. In her view, Lowe’s actions began long before she reached the age of consent.

In an interview with local news station ABC21, Gephart explained what motivated her to go public: “If I feel like my voice can help other girls out – not just this situation, but others – who were like me, to express themselves? Then I want to help.

Since Lowe’s resignation, several women have since come forward to describe their experiences of being gaslighted by the church and local law enforcement when they attempted to report their experiences of abuse at the hands of Lowe, of his son Jeremiah Lowe and other church leaders.

Complaints to law enforcement and child protective services about this abuse were initially not pursued. Currently, the Kosciusko County District Attorney’s Office and the Indiana State Police are investigating the charges against John Lowe. Dylan Houser, the head of the church’s security team is currently serving a prison sentence after being found guilty of sexual misconduct with a minor. The status of any pending complaints filed against Jeremiah Lowe remains unclear, although he has a previous criminal record for other offences.


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