New Christian Church Holds Sunday Services at Orono Cinema


Pines Church has just launched its Sunday services at Spotlight cinemas in Orono.

ORONO, Maine – A new church is partnering with a local movie theater to provide Sunday services.

Pines Church is a new church that was launched in March.

Pastor Matthew Gioia and his wife thought it was “their way” to open a Christian church in Maine.

“Maine is the 49th out of 50 Christians per capita, there are fewer Christians in Maine than in any other state, so we felt there was a huge need for a church here, and that is why we came, ”said Gioia.

Gioia has partnered with Spotlight Cinemas in Orono to organize the Sunday morning services before the first films are shown.

“Our goal is really to meet people where they are, to connect them with God and all that he has for their lives,” said Gioia.

Gioia said anyone can meet him at the Spotlight Cinema in Orono on Sunday. The address is 6 Stillwater Avenue.

“It really met our needs, and we basically got everything set up and taken down before they were ready to start showing their movies,” Gioia added.

Spotlight Cinema in Orono continues to show films normally. Gioia says it doesn’t interfere with her work and vice versa.

“People are not going to watch movies [in the morning], so we approached them and asked them if we could use their facilities in the morning and the host church and we came to a mutual agreement that works for both parties, ”said Gioia.

A week ago, on March 7, the Church of Pines held its first cinema service.

“When we approached them they were open and it was just a good fit. The seats are already there, the screen is already there, it was kind of a home run,” said Gioia.

Gioia said these services are for everyone. “No amount of sex, status or stuff can ever satisfy that desire, only a relationship with our creator,” said Gioia. “We are passionate and excited to connect people with Jesus.”

Sunday services are at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

Click here to learn more about the Church of the Pines.


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