New Country Songs You Need to Hear Right Now: Lindsay Ell, Thompson Square, Easton Corbin, and More


Country artists continue to deliver a variety of songs designed to impact their listeners no matter what they’re going through. A steady stream of new albums, singles and tour announcements have fans thrilled to hear the latest musical stories from their favorite artists.

This month, listeners hear from veteran artists like Thompson Square as well as rising stars like Bri Fletcher and Jake Hoot. Additionally, the artists have also released songs that have made an impact on country radio airwaves, making their music much more accessible to fans.

From upbeat songs about embracing your country roots to soulful duets about finding beauty amidst life’s difficulties, country now shares his latest list of standout tracks for fans to play on repeat.

Here are seven songs you need to hear right now.

“Right on Time” – Lindsay Ell

“I’m either late to the party or bang on time,” Lindsay Ell sings on the chorus of her latest single, “Right On Time.” The unashamedly upbeat track finds Ell dismissing the idea of ​​finding love as being a competition. The track was co-written by Ell, Jordan Schmidt and Geoff Warburton. Schmidt also produced the track.

Stream the track here.

“Lower Class Lovers” – LANCO

LANCO presents fans with the latest chapter of their career with “Low Class Lovers”, the first single from their upcoming project. The narrative-driven track focuses on a couple whose lives are far from the cushy privilege of their silver spoon counterparts. Written by band member Brandon Lancaster and produced by Jay Joyce, the track combines gritty lyrics with rock influences.

Stream the track here.

“The Hair Ties (I Don’t Want To)” – Seth Ennis

Seth Ennis struggles to forget an ex on “Hair Ties (I Don’t Wanna),” his first release of 2022.”No, I don’t wanna call you and I feel lonely / I don’t wanna love you if you don’t love me / I just wanna start finding your hair ties in my drawer / ‘Cause I don’t want no more of yousings Ennis on the more pop track. Ennis’ latest release follows previous tracks, ‘Just A Little’ and ‘So Much’.

Stream the track here.

“I Can’t Decide” – Easton Corbin

Corbin delivers a catchy and heartwarming track about a night out with his girlfriend that is sure to have fans singing. “I can’t decide, oh girl if I / I wanna see you in a party crowd, or all alone / You look so good, I can’t be wrong,” Corbin sings on the chorus. Corbin, who is working on a new album due out later this year, recently signed with Stone Country Records.

Stream the track here.

“Godsend” – Riley Clemmons featuring Brett Young

Christian artist Riley Clemmons teams up with country singer Brett Young to turn the title track from his latest album into a duet. The voices of Clemmons and Young blend well on this moving track about viewing the beauty of life’s struggles from a lens of faith. Clemmons said having Young sing on the track with her was a “true honor” and has always been one of her “favorite musical storytellers”.

Stream the track here.

“Country at Heart” – Thompson Square

Husband and wife duo, Keifer and Shawna Thompson, better known as Thompson Square, embrace their country roots with their new song, “Country In My Soul.” “I have courage, I drawl / I love Jesus and my dog ​​/ I love the butter on my cookies and the sound of garden crickets», sings the duet at the beginning of the chorus. The song, which officially made an impact on country radio last week, was the second most added song by stations nationwide.

Stream the track here.

“There’s Still Tomorrow” – Bri Fletcher featuring Jake Hoot

Bri Fletcher teams up with the Season 17 winner of The voice, Jake Hoot on this vibrant duet that shows off their powerful vocals. “‘Cause everywhere you go I am / There’s never been a day that I don’t think / I couldn’t love you more than now / But there’s still tomorrow“, the couple mixes their voices on the chorus. Fletcher, who wrote the song with her friend, Katie Austin, said she was “so thrilled” to have Hoot lend his vocals to it because he’s “incredibly talented”.

Stream the track here.


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