Ohio’s Spirit of Faith Christian Church Center moves to Market Street


ALLIANCE – The Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Ohio will be moving to a new downtown location that will also serve as a community center ahead of the church’s seventh anniversary.

Spirit of Faith will celebrate the opening of the Family Matters Resource Center on Sunday with services at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. The evening service will feature guest speaker, Bishop Romey Coles of the Lion of Judah Church in Cleveland.

The building is located at 425 E. Market Street. The First United Presbyterian Church occupied the space before moving to a facility on Beech Street in 2018.

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“What excites me the most is that it will give us access to more people so that we can inspire them, empower them and equip them to walk in their goal, to realize their passions and to obtain training, learning and education in many different fields, ”said Reverend Raymont Johnson, pastor of Spirit of Faith Christian Center in Ohio

Johnson and his wife, Brenda, own Family Empowerment Ministries Inc. The faith-based organization provides people with services and educational opportunities to help them find employment and develop life skills.

The ministry was previously located at College Plaza. Johnson said the new location will allow the ministry to operate the church and host a variety of programs for the advancement of the community.

“It gives Alliance something they’ve never had. Our Family Matters resource center is a community center,” he said.

Johnson said programs offered by FEMI include topics such as infant mortality and family relationships and communication.

The center will also focus on youth development, with an arts and nutrition program that teaches children about nutritional health as well as how to play different instruments. In addition, the building will contain “meeting areas” filled with games and activities for boys and girls.

“This place also allows us to give the community, the young people, a safe place to spend time with their friends,” Johnson said.

Raymont and Brenda Johnson

Funding from the CDBG Alliance to help relocate

The ministry received $ 50,000 in Community Development Grant (CDBG) funding from the city, which was used to help acquire the property.

“This is dedicated to the community. There is a certain segment of the building that will be used for worship space, but block grant money can go to projects like this if a significant proportion of the project doesn’t is not related to worship “, Joe Mazzola, director of urban planning and development of the city.

Mazzola said the intention is for the facility to fill a “critical void” by serving neighborhoods that need these programs. He said he admires Johnson’s creativity and hopes the project can serve the region.

“This idea of ​​building a community goes way beyond brick and mortar,” he said. “It’s all about people, and Raymont understood that. But you still have to have that physical presence, and that’s what this project will provide.”

Johnson said the building hasn’t undergone much change since First United Presbyterian left years ago. He said people will be able to rent the space for different events.

Johnson said the ministry planned to hold an event in August to allow people to walk around the building and view the various rooms.

“The center will be a center of things that the community needs,” he said.

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