Only 25 Christian Band Songs That Are Still Good Enough


For the first two decades of its existence, if anyone mentioned contemporary Christian music, you knew exactly what they were talking about. For quite a while, it was the exact same handful of long-haired Californian hippies transposing biblical lyrics to Laurel Canyon vibes. Much of it was actually pretty good, but it wasn’t something you would call various.

Fast forward a few years, and CCM has actually managed to break down a lot of those walls. Despite some high-profile attempts to keep Christian rock within narrow parameters, a growing number of talented songwriters have begun to explore new ways to express their faith. Soon standard adult contemporary styles were describing a small part of the type of Christian music being created. There was Christian hardcore, Christian punk, Christian hip-hop, Christian dance, Christian indie… you name it. And, yes, a lot of things were pretty bad, but a lot of everything the music is pretty bad. There were also a lot of good things, and some held up very well.

Not everything on this list fits neatly into the “Christian box”, because Christian music is at its best when the people behind it find interesting ways to weave together faith and artistry in ways that don’t fit a practical kind. Some of them will suit you perfectly, but not all of them will be your cup of tea. That’s the stuff of this era of Christian rock. There is a little something for everyone.

1. Switchfoot: learning to breathe

2. Paper route: a better life

3. Stacie Orrico: (there must be) more life

4. POD: Southtown

5. DELIRIOUS?: My Glorious

6. Clay pots: see the art in me

7. Five Iron Frenzy: Every New Day

8. Brave Saint Saturn: Estrella

9. Anberlin: the feel-good drag

10. John Mark McMillan: King of My Heart

11. MxPx: Liability

12. Andy Mineo: You Can’t Stop Me

13. Plumb Line: Failed

14. Kirk Franklin: Revolution

15. Three times: Open Water

16. Underoath: A boy painted red living in black and white

See also

17. moisanstoi: in a poorly knitted sweater

18. Sixpence None the Richer: Breathe Your Name

19. Relient K: Be My Escape

20. Blindside: Pitiful

21. Thousand Foot Crutch: The War of Change

22. Jennifer Knapp: A little more

23. Lecrae: Don’t Waste Your Life (with camera)

24. Mutemath: Typical

25. Finally sleeping: nine


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