As a result, freethinkers in western lands fled to the most open-minded place in the world then. They reached Muslim Spain where the dazzling Muslim civilization, born of the desire and love of knowledge of Muslim scholars, was at its zenith.

Scientific knowledge, architecture, mathematics and philosophy flourished a lot. Much of this intellectual climate can be attributed to the precepts of the Quran.

Throughout the Quran, emphasis is placed on the value of knowledge. The Quranic approach to Tadabbur and Tafakkur in the signs of creation (reflection and thought) had opened the doors to the empirical study of nature. The pursuit of knowledge was rewarded as the best form of worship.

One of the brilliant and beautiful features of the Quranic teachings regarding knowledge is that, unlike the revealed knowledge of the Quran, human knowledge is not perfect and, therefore, requires constant exploration and progress through research and learning. ‘experimentation.

According to the Quran, learning and acquiring knowledge is the highest form of religious activity for Muslims, and the one most pleasing to Allah.

It is the knowledge that elevates man’s status from a biological animal entity to a spiritual angelic existence.

It was because of knowledge, its spiritual conclusions leading to the Gnosis of the Almighty Creator which had made Muslims the forerunners of a great golden civilization when the West was going through the “dark ages” .

While most of Europe lived in the intellectually dormant era of the Middle Ages, Muslim Spain shone brightly due to its advancement in knowledge and love for humanity.


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