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FARRELL – Greetings and blessings in the Name of Jesus Christ! Living Faith Christian Church is a non-denominational, totally independent church that is 100% dependent on Jesus Christ.

Our vision and mission at Living Faith Christian Church are:

• To preach, teach, evangelize and administer the Word of God as recorded in the Holy Scriptures.

• To equip our Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ to fulfill the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ Himself.

• Carry the Church into the world and live a life with Christ as our example in love, spirit and truth.

Living Faith Christian Church was formally incorporated into the Bureau of Societies and Charities of the Pennsylvania Department of State on February 13, 2018. Living Faith Christian Church is a 501©(3) religious public charity, legally registered with the Internal Revenue Service since April 5. , 2020. Our first worship service officially took place on March 4, 2018. March 4 is not just a date but also a command – March, Christian soldier!

Living Faith Christian Church is a Bible-rooted church. We believe the Bible is the divinely inspired, infallible, infallible and pure Word of God. That’s how we preach it, and that’s how we teach it; anything else is unacceptable.

Living Faith Christian Church is a somewhat less traditional and smaller type of church compared to the more traditional outlook. Our congregation and those who attend our services and fellowship form a diverse group that collectively adds to the corporate Body of Christ. We strive to maintain a down to earth, simple yet cozy and comfortable atmosphere that makes “everyone” feel like family, whether member or visitor. All are welcome and we invite you to come and share the love of Christ with us.

The Living Faith Christian Church is at 829 Sharon-New Castle Road, Farrell, in the Square. You can also find us at Our email address is: [email protected] For more information or questions, contact: Christopher J. Benson, senior pastor and senior chaplain, 724-699-1891.


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