Protesters at New Life Christian Church & World Outreach


WARSAW, Ind. (WANE) – A group of people from Kosciusko County gathered on the lawn of New Life Christian Church & World Outreach to rally in support of the church’s victims.

A small crowd lined the lawn on Sunday morning. Protesters explained they wanted to be outside during Sunday service, but later learned it had been moved online.

“Today they were going to have in-person service, with us here, they shut down the service and they went online, and we would say it’s a success in the eyes of having the service sit down today,” Zoe said. The sea.

During the online service on Sunday morning, Pastor Brian Lowe addressed the congregation saying that an advisory committee had a statement and it should be read during the service by Pastor Lowe.

In parts it reads:

“We would like to address what happened last Sunday at the end of the service, first, we would like to apologize to the victim and his family. Second, we are deeply sorry for all the new visitors who attended the service of last week. This service did not represent the heart of the New Life Christian Church. Third, we would like to apologize to our church for the service last Sunday,”

From the New Life Christian Church & World Outreach Advisory Board.

Some community members say they are not at all surprised at what was revealed to the congregation last Sunday.

“Secretly for years, we all know that,” Lamar said.

Seeking justice for the victims in their community is why they will continue to raise their voices.

“I’m pretty disgusted by what happened and being a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I totally identify with these girls,” Lamar said. “I want to help them get justice, either by putting them in touch with a lawyer or here’s a free consultation,” Lamar said. “It really affected me on a personal level, but I feel like every time another person comes out, it’s more for us to shut that down, it fuels the will to shut it down,” explained Lamar.


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