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Looking for some motivation to get you through the start of another work week? We feel you, and with stellar new pop tracks, we’ve got you covered.

These 10 tracks from artists like Rauw Alejandro, Shamir, Caroline Polachek, Portugal. man and more will give you energy to face the week. Add any of these gems to your personal playlists – or scroll to the end of the post for a personalized playlist of all 10.

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Portugal the man, “What, am I worried?”

It’s been five long years since the alternative pop-rockers of Portugal. The Man released their hit “Feel It Still,” but last week the band released their long-awaited comeback single with the juxtaposition “What, Me Worry?” The uptempo track serves as a sonic nod, doing its best to convince listeners – with the help of nervous bass licks, trumpet flares and the brief appearance of a tambourine – that despite what going on in the world, there is nothing to worry about. — Lyndsey Paradise

Fantastic Negrito, “highest bidder”

The immediacy of “Highest Bidder” – which kicks off with drum rolls and guitar riffs, as if the listener is thrust into the middle of a recording session – exemplifies the importance of Fantastic Negrito’s artistry. Each single is delivered with such urgency and power to deliver a message it can no longer contain – and “Highest Bidder”, with its fast lyrical chorus, is just the latest and brightest example. — HL

Caroline Polachek, “Billions”

Caroline Polachek’s solo career is going great — her 2019 album Tightness was one of the highest rated pop projects of the year, her single “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” became a TikTok hit and she’s set to open for Dua Lipa on her tour. arena. New single “Billions” is a testament to his ambition as well as his songwriting: the track quivers and evolves, culminating in drum machine sounds and a children’s choir, and potentially setting Polachek up for another big year. — Jason Lipshütz

True Lies, “An Oral History of My First Kiss”

Midway through “An Oral History of My First Kiss,” Real Lies’ Kevin Lee Kharas steps away from the beat and launches into an oral retelling of the song’s main line, beginning with “It happened on a road main, and I was embarrassed without really knowing why. Thematically, the song evokes strong emotions for all who experienced this unforgettable rush, and the sound effect is also seductive, reminiscent of some of Mike Skinner’s most serious work as a than The Streets. Jason Lipshütz

Sharon Van Etten, “Door”

Although the fast drums and brilliant synths of “Porta” suggest that Sharon Van Etten is going pop in her own right at first glance, the acclaimed songwriter actually uses this grounding as personal motivation: written during a difficult battle with depression. and anxiety during the pandemic, “Porta” finds Van Etten gritting his teeth, letting his voice quiver and declaring “[I] want to be myself. — J. Lipshutz

Rauw Alejandro, “Caprichoso”

Rauw Alejandro taps Jamaican producer Rvssian for ‘Caprichoso,’ a taste of his upcoming Trap Cake, Vol. 2 album. Given the title of the album, it is not surprising that “Caprichoso” is much more trap oriented than his last album, Vice versa, but Alejandro’s innate talent for melody and easy-going, ocean-breezy demeanor should appeal to new fans as well as those who were there for Trap Cake, Vol. 1. — Joe Lynch

Claire Rosinkrantz, “I h8 that I still feel bad for you”

Bedroom pop prodigy Claire Rosinkrantz leans into guitars on “I h8 that I feel still bad for u,” tapping into the power pop vein of indie rock that had a moment in the ’90s. is strong on everything she touches, and “h8” never strays from the tongue-in-cheek singing quality that makes her songs so sticky and rewarding. — J. Lynch

Shamir, “Nuclear”

Shamir’s latest album, heterosexualityis his eighth — and from what he recently said Billboard, this is the album he finally managed. He’s not wrong : heterosexuality is Shamir’s best so far. Debut single “Cisgender” and standout “Abomination” demonstrate his thoughtful ferocity, while closer album “Nuclear” shows his ability to dip his toes into jazz-pop ballad territory, evoking Bacharach/David or Getz. /Gilberto. – J. Lynch

“Get a Good Look” by Sports

After a string of unique releases throughout 2020 and 2021, Sports has released a fitting project with Get a good overviewsequel to 2018 Everyone is invited. “Get A Good Look”, the title track from the new album, serves as an atmospheric rapprochement and highlights the sonic range of brothers Christian and Jacob Theriot and Cale Chronister, combining psychedelic synth instrumentals with indie rock guitar work for a intoxicating effect. — Starr Bowenbank

“La Novela” by Boy Pablo and Cuco

Boy Pablo and Cuco are an independent dream team on “La Novela” – the Chilean-Noweigan and Mexican-American singers, respectively, both let their lyricism shine on the track, telling the tale of two lovers who happily reminisce of their shared love story, which will remain both near and dear to their hearts for as long as they live. – SB


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