Reverend Lucy Natasha Responds to Allegations of Fake Miracles at Empowerment Christian Church


Appearing on The Lynn Ngugi show, Reverend Natasha refuted the claims explaining that they were just fabricated stories by netizens.

“Our ministry has been at the forefront of preaching Christ…all of our church services are always live and that tells you we have nothing to hide and our ministry is an open book.

“As far as simulating Miracles, the first thing I want to clarify that is also really important is that sometimes people just go out on social media and just choose something and fabricate and create stories. People can fabricate and create stories out of nowhere…we also believe in miracles, healing, deliverance and the power of holy spirit. Someone say we are faking miracles for what benefit and what gain,” asked Reverend Natasha.

Speaking on the viral video which fueled the claims, Natasha said; “Even in the video you say it’s someone I prayed for in a different case, with two different prayer requests…so these are false allegations and we are an honored and feared ministry God”.

Prophet Stanley Carmel supported Reverend Natasha’s explanation saying that they are just vessels used to deliver God’s message to the people.

“There is no intention to fake anything, because Jesus is the healer, we are not the healer. There is nothing we need to prove, we pray and Jesus heals people” , said the Prophet Carmel.

“We are not the healer, Jesus is the healer, we are not the miracle, Jesus is the miracle worker. To us, we are but vessels, even when it comes to preaching the word of God . adds Natasha.

Asked how she treats her critics, Reverend Natasha argued that the criticism didn’t start today, but they learned not to focus on negativity.

“The criticism didn’t start with Prophet Carmel and Reverend Natasha. Even from the time of Jesus, he was criticized by the system of the day. Moïse has been criticized for marrying an Ethiopian woman. Paul was criticized for preaching the message of grace. So it didn’t start today and we’re not letting it get into our hearts or our minds.” said Reverend Lucy Natasha.

Statement from Reverend Natasha after being linked to the cult

The town preacher said the allegations made by a Martha Mwihaki Hinga who claimed to be a friend of Reverend Natasha were false.

“We wish to state categorically that we are a ministry committed to upholding biblical standards both in theology and in practice. We are honest and treat all participants, members and the public with the utmost respect and integrity,” adds Natasha.


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