Songs and prayers helped kidnapped CAM missionaries in Haiti through hardship


BERLIN – The 17 hostages of Christian Aid Ministries Haiti have spent most of their time in captivity in groups.

They sang. They prayed. They recited the Bible rather than from memory because they did not have a Bibles. They encouraged each other while awaiting their fate.

A day after the 12 remaining captives were released on Thursday, CAM chief executive David Troyer shared limited details about their ordeal in an article Friday night on the CAM website. He also announced a press conference on Monday where more information is expected to be released.

Hostages freed:“We glorify God for answered prayer:” Ohio-based group says all hostages in Haiti have been freed

“Everyone, including the 10 month old baby, the 3 year old boy and the 6 year old boy, seem to be doing pretty well,” Troyer noted, confirming that all the hostages are safe and have been left. Haiti in an “aircraft flying the American flag” Thursday afternoon.

Missionaries kidnapped two months ago

A personalized sign can be found outside the Christian Aid Ministries in Titanyen, Haiti.  On December 16, the 12 remaining members of the kidnapped missionary group were freed and evacuated from Haiti by plane.  (AP Photo / Matias Delacroix)

The group were taken away by members of the 400 Mawozo gang on October 16, shortly after leaving an orphanage, and had enjoyed playing with children there, the director revealed.

“As they became aware of what was happening at the time of the capture, the group began to sing the refrain: ‘The angel of the Lord encamps around them who fear him, and delivers them,” “wrote Troyer. “This song has become one of their favorites, and they sang it several times during their days in captivity.”

Now the focus is on recovery as the former hostages strive to reclaim their lives.

CAM work in Haiti:Missionaries have long-standing ties to Haiti, aim to “serve our neighbor” despite dangers

“They and their families need your prayers, support and continued encouragement,” the statement read, and asks for privacy and space for the group.

No names of those released were made public and there was no mention of the payment of a ransom.

Troyer wrote in the statement that Christian Aid Ministries runs several programs in Haiti that meet the physical and spiritual needs of people there, and that they “have been on the ground in Haiti for 30 years.”

He said the missionaries were aware of the dangers “but we are going to dangerous places in many parts of the world. Why ? Because that’s usually where the greatest needs are.

He also said the kidnapping prompted CAM to assess their safety precautions “and better educate our people on the dangers involved.”

Grateful to many

The statement expressed forgiveness for the kidnappers and thanked the families of the hostages for their patience, people around the world for their prayers, the US government and others who have called for the safe return of the hostages, and the media. for sharing the story.

And he thanked the CAM staff “for being by our side, and for your many words of encouragement and good deeds during this difficult time …”

People protest against the surge in kidnappings in the country and the fuel crisis aggravated by gangs, on the day marking the 218th anniversary of the Battle of Vertières, the historic victory against France, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on November 18, 2021.

Troyer included a message to the Haitian people “who expressed their regret for this incident and offered us their prayers and words of encouragement”, and the CAM pledged “to continue to walk with you in the future of better than we can ”.

Press conference planned

Which: Christian Aid Ministries

What: Press conference

When: 10 a.m. on Monday, December 20

Or: CAM Headquarters in Berlin, Holmes County

Why: Share more information on the plight of the hostages and their release


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