Stephanie Beatriz’s Newborn Recognizes Encanto Songs


Stephanie Beatrice6 month old girl Rosaline could be Encantofounder of the fan club. According to the 41-year-old actress, her baby girl is obsessed with the hit Disney film.

“She loves it,” said Beatriz, who plays Mirabel Madrigal. People. “She heard the songs before anyone else because I was pregnant with her while I was recording the songs.”

©Stephanie Beatriz
Stephanie Beatriz’s 6-month-old daughter Rosaline is a huge Encanto fan

The singer and actress told the publication that Rosaline could recognize songs at a glance. “She recognized them very quickly in a weird and scary way for babies,” the star said. “Sometimes my husband, Brad [Hoss]I will play them for her, or I will sing them to her, and, truly, she knows them, and she loves them.

Beatriz also says she’s “excited” that her daughter will “watch the movie one day”, adding, “I can’t wait.” The Argentine-Colombian-Bolivian American actress says her baby girl is “very smart, very funny and very pure”.

Disney Fan Event Opening Night "Encanto"©GettyImages
Disney character “Mirabel” performs at the opening night of Disney’s “Encanto” event at the El Capitan Theater on November 23, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

Known for her roles in Encanto, In the Heights and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Beatriz hosts the Twin Flames podcast. A series that “examines how far people are willing to go for love, which does not exclude sectarian behavior. It’s a story of love and power and the lengths their followers will go to for both.

“It’s an exciting story,” Beatriz tells the publication. “It’s such a universal feeling, a desire to give love and to be loved. And I think the most terrifying thing about the Twin Flames universe is that people can get sucked into what seems like a very useful, help yourself world so quickly,” explains- she. “The problem with this is that there are scammers and scammers out there who call themselves experts.”

“It’s a story as old as the days of selling snake oil out of the back of a small trailer and saying it will solve all the problems you’ve had,” Beatriz adds. “It’s so brutal when you listen to the podcast because the easiest position, I think, is to sit down and say, ‘Oh, that would never be me. I could never be scammed that way. But I think a lot of us get scammed that way on a daily basis.

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